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  1. thebeard

    popping nasty blackheads

  2. Y

    Boyfriends Mother

    I honestly cant sit here and pretend that I like my boyfriends mother, she has been trying to break us up for the absolute longest. She has started taking his phone and this guy is 18 years old he has graduated from high school and has sat under her roof and made twice as much money as she has...
  3. Ball Masher

    What are some dumb opinions you used to have (that make you cringe)?

    Okay, we all used to believe some stupid shit, and I'm sure I even posted some of it here when I was in middle school, but I want to know: what is something you used to proudly believe that you now realize was stupid on a game-changing level? For me: -I used to think that bolt-on neck guitars...
  4. B

    Hi, Indonesian Here !

    I just typed in my web browser then find this excellent forum. I will stay here considering a new experience.
  5. N

    gender identities and what else

    Okay so i'm going to just going to go straight ahead. What the hell is with all these gender preferences and identity preferences? I watch cringe videos of these absolute fucktards who whine about people misusing their pronouns and want the peoples respect. Like okay how about not acting like a...