1. Jason

    Notice Some site downtime...

    Hey, campers. I have to perform a little minor surgery on the site involving two add-ons that must be replaced. Reactions/Ratings & Medals. I am attempting new solutions for these. It will not be an easy task re-adding data and importing what I can, so I don't know how long the downtime will...
  2. Jason

    Notice ...and the winner REALLY is...

    Please give a nice big wet juicy congratulations to Karysma... She is the winner of our random drawing to receive a $100 (US) gift certificate. We will be in touch with the winner tomorrow with her online gift code, and it will be able to be used immediately! Thanks for simply...
  3. Jason

    Notice ...and the winner is...

    DELAYED! We do have a winner of our random drawing to receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate. However, we will officially announce the winner Thursday June 24th. Sorry about the delay folks! It couldn't be avoided.. IRL stuff... Good things come to those who wait!
  4. Jason

    Features Which color scheme do you use currently?

    So considering a few changes, and wanted to know what people use the most... Incarnate Nether Vote! Thanks!
  5. Jason

    Features Discord Server

    Hey all. We've officially shuttered the IRC channel, and have moved to Discord for a variety of reasons. Feel free to join us anytime, as the channel is always available. You can also leave messages, and return back to view them as it shows you all older content. We recommend you create a...
  6. Jason

    Features Gamer Profiles

    Howdy campers... So we're reworking the gamer profile fields.. We have removed all previous fields, requiring you to re-enter your PS, XBOX, STEAM id/names and you will then notice a new selection inside your member profiles called "Gamer Cards". We are testing this right now and there could be...
  7. Jason

    Notice Software upgrades...

    Howdy campers... We'll be performing some major software upgrades in the next day or two. This will result in a bit of downtime, likely several hours. We'll do what we can to limit this as much as possible but it will require a decent amount of work. Carry on.
  8. Jason

    Notice Server Updates / Upgrades

    Hey campers, So we'll be changing to a new server shortly, and this may result in some (hopefully minor) downtime. If the site is offline, we're working on it! Thanks!
  9. Jason

    Features 2018 Mascot Discussion

    Hey all, So we'll be replacing our mascot to give things a fresh look. We have enlisted the help of none other than John Schwegel, the person who did the amazing graphics for former versions of (all the demons, hellfire, etc.). What would you like to see the mascot convey? Pissed-off...
  10. Jason

    Notice presents: Our 14th Anniversary (Puberty) Contest!

    Great Googly Moogly! Our "failed experiment" known as is about to fully hit puberty! Our 14th anniversary is coming up this February 14th (coincidence? I think NOT!). This means that, just like previous years, we're in a period of deep mourning. ;-) To help us get past this unfortunate...
  11. Jason

    Features - New features and enhancements...

    As you may have noticed, recently received a face lift. What prompted the face lift was a new software update requiring an entirely new style to be written. I thought I would highlight a few of the features visible by members that are now included... Widgets Emoji support Retina...
  12. Jason

    Features Trophies / User Title Ladder

    Hey, So I'd like some opinions on this.. I'd like to redo the User Title Ladder / Trophies system (unrelated to Medals), and I wanted to gather some suggestions from the peanut gallery... So we currently just use the default User Ladder, the titles of which are the following: Flame Bait (0)...
  13. Jason


    Hey, We're working behind the scenes to bring you the next version of This will involve both a major software update, and a new custom style to go with it. While we do various maintenance tasks and clean out the barn, some features on the current site may disappear (shoutbox...
  14. ib4

    A question for all WTFers!!

    I'm not asking this to find a rant in response. It just seemed like an appropriate place. Also I want to see if others have more to say on the topic. I think we all can agree that WTF has a special place in our dark chest cavity's and minds. Topic and chatter traffic can slow to an all time...
  15. Jason

    Notice Chat Room Schedule

    Hey campers, While the chat room is open 24 hours a day (and many of us may randomly be idle), we've wanted to for some time now to establish a regular night a week that we try to be actually present to chat. So let's start with a poll on the best night of the week for chatting.. I'll make it...
  16. Shanananaaa

    Sentimental shit

    So at some point in the past couple months I hit my decade of membership here. I was pregnant with my son when I first joined up, 20 years old. Part of me wants to journey way back and look at some old ass posts but, I remember saying some pretty dumb shit back in the day, and my moderately more...
  17. Jason

    Notice Please welcome our newest power abuser, ib4!

    In an effort to decrease our BMI, we have elected to accept ib4's abs to our team. Said abs will be assisting us in News & Debates, Entertainment Ave, Brain Droppings, and wherever the hell else his hunkiness desires. Also, he's almost made it through married life for almost a year. That's got...
  18. Jason

    Notice now supports SSL!

    Hey guys, Just a quick note that we're now testing an SSL connection for enhanced security while visiting our site... Please let me know if you do not receive the "lock" symbol (or the equivalent in your particular browser), or are forwarded anywhere other than:
  19. Jason

    Features Post Rating Leaderboard

    Just a silly little leaderboard for Post Ratings (a link is also available under the Members tab)... (URL REMOVED - NO LONGER VALID) Danni is the queen of sad. :(
  20. Jason

    Question Steam Integration - How many of you use Steam?

    Trying to gauge interest in the possibility of Steam integration here, and want to see just how many of you use Steam... Thanks.