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  1. ThisIsBananas

    Youtube isn't working tonight.

    This evening it barely anything loads on the front page, and the videos don't load. Fuck you Google! Fix Youtube and keep it working shitheads! Ever since Youtube started using the new layout, it's been glitchy as shit!
  2. Jason

    Headlines YouTube removes ads from InfoWars’ Alex Jones channel but says it has no plans to delete it

    As YouTube continues in its efforts to crack down harder on content that violates its terms of usage and promotes offensive and/or misleading content, it’s found itself in the fake news crossfire this weekend. After a video and some advertisers were removed from YouTube channels controlled by...
  3. Jason

    On TV Cobra KAI

    The Karate Kid continues...
  4. gehtfuct

    WTFRLIVE idea hub

    That's right. WTFRLIVE is back online. Will it be as it was? No. There will be no more radio. WTFRLIVE will be following the current media format and moving forward within it. Wanna be Youtube famous? It all starts by showing your interest here. I will then contact you directly via pm from...