1.2 Trillion Transistor Wafer Pack Chip

Dark Fader

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342 Transistors for Every Person In the World: Cerebras 2nd Gen Wafer Scale Engine Teased

One of the highlights of Hot Chips from 2019 was the startup Cerebras showcasing its product – a large ‘wafer-scale’ AI chip that was literally the size of a wafer. The chip itself was rectangular, but it was cut from a single wafer, and contained 400,000 cores, 1.2 trillion transistors, 46225 mm2 of silicon, and was built on TSMC’s 16 nm process.

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That is insane. I figured the wafer was multiple chips, but the Chip IS the wafer pack !!!
1.2 Trillion Transistors.


The Original Fuck You Bomb
I just want to see what this fucker can power up,
Can it work my ninja juicer, will it work my air fryer to make me perfect tater tots, will it run a monster truck on the freeway by remote control,

I think I really wanna know.