12 x GTX 1070 GPU Miner MEGA THREAD - nVidia Equihash Miner - Bitcoin Gold, ZCash (PICS)


Recently I ventured into a rather unknown area, or at least the internet makes you think so with the lack of material from Google-Fu. It seems as though anyone mining, only worked at a rate of 8 or maybe 10 GPU at a time. It may even be because the Biostar TB250-BTC Pro is a rather new motherboard. This board contains 11 PCIe x1 slots and one PCI x16. The original claim from the company written specs is that you could use 6 AMD GPU and 6 nVidia GPU. This has since been proven otherwise. Below is my hardware, a list of instructions, and a few pictures to show you how EXACTLY to make 12 GTX 1070 GPUs run with a Linux Operating System. Important items are hyperlinked. I have successfully achieved 460 sols per GTX 1070 with overclocking and stability.

If you wish to successfully build and run a 12 x GPU mining rig, YOU MUST FOLLOW EACH INSTRUCTION I LAY OUT HERE.

First Facts:
  • Windows Limit: 8 GPU (constant errors).
  • Linux Limit: Limitless GPU.
  • Add2PSU inhibits the motherboards ability to detect all 12 GFX cards because it delays the second GPU. Even reloading the miner while powered on only allowed for 8 cards to detect. Use a 24 Pin Splitter.
  • PCIe riser cards are constantly bad, buy more than you need.
  • Put electrical tape around the small PCIe adapter that connects to motherboard to prevent shorting.
  • Linux root user info root/miner1324.
  • One 12 x GTX 1070 GPU Rig utilizes around 13.3 amps.
  • You MUST use a dedicated circuit for this process. For 2 x 12 GTX1070 GPU rigs, I created a dedicated 50amp circuit.
  • Evenly distribute the cards between PSU, and connect the riser power to the same PSU as the GPU.
  • You MUST update the mother board.
  • This whole process can be done with only 3 x USB 16gb.
  • Pool mining is the best option. Solo mining runs many possible time wasted outcomes.
  • SimpleMining.net is a great option for managing your miners. It offers remote management as well as wallet config options.
  • Yes, you can mix GPU as long as they are the same core. Ex: 2xZotac 1070 + 2xEVGA 1070 + 8xASUS1070 would all work together.
  • No, I don't recommend mixing different core GPU.
  • I used 22 x GTX 1070 Zotac Mini and 2 x EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 Triple Fan. I achieved an average hash of 450 sols per card with overclocking via SimpleMining.
  • You need a 3 or 4 pin 8 x fan hub for all fans.
  • I used 1 x Platinum 1200w P2 EVGA and 1 x Gold 1600w G2 EVGA power supply(PSU) per 12 card rig.
  • A clean rig is a happy rig, consolidate your cables into quadrants with velcro ties.
  • I used 8gb 2400 memory.
  • You can use any rig cage out there from anyone willing to make it.



Things You Will Need
  • Etcher USB Flash Utility for Simple Mining OS - Click Here
  • An account at Simeplemining - Click Here
  • SimpleMining OS (Stripped Linux OS) - Click Here
  • Create a wallet here at FreeWallet - Click Here
  • Select latest "BIOS" update file for the motherboard - Click Here
  • 3 16gb USB 3.0 Flash Drives
  • Power switch - Click Here
  • 12 card rig rack - Click Here
  • 12-24 PCIe Riser Cards - Link in description above.
  • Biostar TB250-BTC Pro Motherboard - Link in description above..
  • Any 8gb memory. 2x4gb sticks.
  • Any LGA1151 CPU - I used a 7th Gen i3 Intel Processor.
  • CPU Fan
  • 6 x System Fans
  • 12 x GTX 1070 GPU
  • 1 x 1200w PSU and 1 x 1600 PSU - Link in description above.
  • 1 x 24 Pin Splitter for dual PSU - Link in description above.
  • Dedicated circuit. 1 rig is around 13.3 amps. I recommend a larger buffer. 13.3 amps on a 20 amp circuit, 26.6 amps on a 50 amp circuit etc.
  • 1 x Wired keyboard, mouse, screen.
  • Completely construct miners but leave GPU power disconnected from motherboard. Connect the 1600w PSU to the motherboard and the CPU to the 1600w PSU. Only connect 6 GPU and its risers to the 1200w PSU. This is important for power balance.\
  • Switch on the 1600w but leave the 1200w turned off.
  • Flash the SimpleminingOS to the 2 USB drives.
  • Simply just add the BIOS update file to the USB.
  • Plug in the USB with the BIOS update, turn on the machine. During the POST(bootup) screen, press F12. The flash utility will appear. Flash and update the bios.
  • Follow this video to update and configure BIOS - ONLY USE THIS VIDEO TO CONFIGURE BIOS, then return here. - Click Here
  • Power off the machine. Now that the motherboard i configured, REMOVE the USB with the BIOS update.
  • Plug in the SimpleMining OS USB. Power on machine.
  • Once the OS is loading and just spitting out random lines of info, pres CTRL + ALT + F3 to open linux terminal.
  • Execute the following:
  • Code:
    Login: root
    Password: miner1324
    > cd /
    > cd etc
    > cd default
    > nano grub
  • Now go to this line in the code:
  • Change it to:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet pci=noaer"
  • Then hit CTRL + X
  • Select Yes
  • Hit Enter to confirm filename.
  • Execute the following:
  • Code:
    > update-grub2
  • When that is complete Execute:
  • Code:
    > update-initramfs -u
  • Power down machine when that is complete.
  • You are ready to get the miner going!
  • Switch on both power supply. Plug in only 3 GPU. Power on the machine. Let it run for about 10 minutes. Then power it down.
  • Now login into your simple mining account. Click "Rig Group" link in the left side menu.
  • Select the cog symbol "Miner Programs"
  • Select the following software:
  • wtf8.png
  • This is the command you will use. Edit it to your settings:
  • Code:
    --server us-east.pool.gold --user YOURWALLETADDRESSHERE.$rigName --pass YOURWALLETPASSWORDHERE --port 3044
  • The server and port need to be which ever pool you are using.
  • Save and Reload.
  • Navigate back to the "Rig List" page.
  • Plug all GPU in, Power machine. Wait 5 minutes. Refresh Rig List page.When the rig is green you are good to go.
  • You will wait to see the following:
  • wtf9.png
  • You need to see GPU11 to signify all cards are working.
  • Sometimes only 6 detect at first. If they all dont detect, on the rig list page, select "Reboot Rig" wait till all the fans on the cards stop, Then select "Reload Miner Software" icon. There is a lag between command sends so they wait is important. Wait up to ten minutes for the rig to get going. More cards should be detected. Repeat process till all cards are recognized. If some do not recognize, it means the riser is dead and you must locate it and replace it.
  • IMPORTANT: You can tell a riser is bad when the GPU has funny fan spinning patterns or slow spinning. If it works it should have all fans on the card at a high speed spin.
Overclock settings to achieve 460 sol.
  • As long as you can maintain a cool environment the following settings will keep the average temp at 42C for the rig. I did this in a 31 degree room. OC was totally stable.
  • wtf10.png

When checking your pool stats it should look like this:
  • wtf11.png
Questions are welcome!
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My first question is: can I run Doom4 full details?
My second question is: how much did it cost? Damn I'm baffled! I just spent 100 bucks on a gtx1050 2gb (new, yet hugely discounted from a shop near my place) and it seems way too expensive anyway.