Mr. Ee
This is a little set of poems I made when I was fifteen, for my writing classes. They wanted ten different poems but I thought that was boring, so i changed it up a bit.....each one has one single different color mentioned other than the title (just in case you didn't notice.) Don't hate on my poems. I was young, and it was for school, but I tried to make em interesting. Some of these aren't from my own experiences, hell I've never even seen snow....I suppose they are just assumptions of how things are...

The last poem is a bit of a joke, another was to piss of the teachers...


Colors can express our fears
Colors can express our emotion
They express our love and hate
Or show sense of devotion
The things we do
Could revolve around a simple color
You can use the rainbow
To show our love for one another
Red is anger
And blue is the sadness
Yellow could be expressed
As a delerial madness
Next time you see a marigold
Think nothing of the flower
But think of what the color stands for
And all of it's possible power

Blinded by fury
Blinded by rage
It's too hard to go on
Too hard to turn the page
You're green with envy
Over the power he has
He's your father, he's older
But you're twice the man
He takes away your privileges
He keeps you from your friends
When he's taken all of your life
You'll despise him until the end
The abuse you recieved
You never took too lightly
You're no longer a child
He no longer seems frightening
But he still has control of you
And the path that you take
But is the control
All for your sake?


It all begins withe a depressing drip
The darkening of clouds
And a thunderous rip
The smell of rain is in the air
The sight of lightning raises your hairs
No more yellow sun
To brighten this wet day
Feeling down won't help at all
It still won't go away
Get rid of some time
By hiding in your sleep
The clouds will disappear
With the quickness that time creeps
When you rise
From your comfortable nap
Walk outside and feel a cool little slap
The rain brought autumn
And a nice little breeze
The sun is shining once again
It's time to feel relieved

Turn your head
Don't face your fears
Just ignore being picked on
For the past four years
You've been rejected by rejects
You've been called every name
It's gotten you nothing
But multiple red blood stains
The time has come
To forget your past
Conquer your fears
And be free at last
Don't be afraid
Of being picked on, or hurt
Not being yourself
Is one thousand times worse
Allow your problems to dissolve and cease
Conquer your fears and then be released


He saw the danger ahead of him
What could have happened
And what could have been
But still he fought
To protect his friend
Even if it meant
Getting hurt in the end
Moments passed until he would strike
He waited and waited
Until he saw the whites in their eyes
He was shot in the arm
And received a broken knee
But none of it mattered
As long as he protected that human being
He risked his life
As if there was nothing to lose
The bravery was his
The path was his to choose
He put himself on the line
Again, and again
Because nothing was more important
Than keeping his best friend


Swirly colors
Bloodshot eyes
Expand that mind
To a magnificent size
Lava lamps and purple haze
Gaze at the fish tank
In a purple daze
Popcorn, lollipops, food galore
Watch The Wall
Then munch out some more
Zeppelin's on the stereo
Your mind is lost in space
You save a little bit
To buzz another day
You close your eyes
Begin to rest
Realize you get to experience
Nature at it's best


It's cold outside
The air is crisp
Steam from our breath rises
In tiny little wisps
Nobody notices
That the temperature is low
Nobody has any worries
When they'relost in the snow
Their spirits aren't lowered
From the ominous gray clouds
That cover the sky
In a mood dampening shroud
Many people are laying
Making angels with their arms
Soaking in nature
And all of it's mystical charm
People go inside
But soon come out again
Because, why would anyone stay inside
When they've gotten a taste of heaven?


I brush my hand up your cheek
Watch as you rest in your peaceful sleep
I look for a smile, a twitch, a breath
Nothing is found
Nothing is left
One more kiss on your white pallid face
Seal your coffin and seal your fate
It's dark today
The day that we died
You're gone forever
I'm just dead inside
I look at your name
Engrave drearily in stone
The memories of you
Couldn't keep me from feeling alone
We planned to have a future
You planned to be my wife
But when it's all I have left
The memories are life


The sun peeks through the clouds
And releases a few uncertain rays
They sweep through the wheat fields
And light up the foggy haze
The grass is tall from recent showers
That have breathed life into the land
Removed the brown from the leaves
And shown the power rain has
Is grand
Animals come out
Of their weary nesting places
Just to smell the fresh air
And let the light hit their faces
Hiding from the cold rain
Is no longer necassary
When the sun provides
All the protection you may need
From that which is dreary


How can I keep writing
For the rest of my days?
How can I keep writing
When I feel like such a slave
I write a poem
And write once more
Forced creativity is such a bore
I print a poem
And my brain is fried
Ignore the smell
I only died
I died from lack of brain cells
I died from lack of air
If I have to keep writing poems
It'll be the end of all my hair
Let's take a moment
So I can clear my head
If the stress continues
I'll surely be dead
i'll be dead from lack of freedom
I'll be dead from lack of fun
If someone says "write some more"
I would totally remove their tongue
I would despise that person
Like no other
By the way....
Is clear even a color?​


Mr. Ee
You're too kind.

My next set of poems will be numbers....


Oh one
You're lots of fun
By yourself
In a room
Girls will use
The end of a broom

Guys show devotion
They stick to lotion
For the groovy, groovy
Lonely locomotion

Girls use bananas
While jammin to Santana's
Greatest hits
Vibrating fits
Her teeth she grits
She has enormous

Guys are sick
They like it slick
When they play with their

(And this was a joke. Not exactly an example of fine literature)


Mr. Ee
dustinzgirl said:
I like the colors one. that is awesome.

Lol, I was serious about the colors one....I'm not really going to do the set of numbers....that was an off-the-top-of-ma-head kinda thing for shits and giggles.

And thank you.