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Headlines 1984


A Rampant Vagitarian
I have been reading George Orwells book 1984. I am not yet finished but already I have found it yet utterly brilliant but also very frightening.

In the book George Orwell paints a picture of the world in 1984 (the book was written 1948) where Big Brother watches everything you make, there are surveillance screens that check your pulse, your words, your moves, everything.
The whole country is run by a man called Big Brother, Party is the party that is in charge. There are no laws, yet if you do something unorthodox you vanish and after a while "confess" and then you are killed.
There is no history.
As life goes on history is rewritten, facts are changed so that BB and the party are always right, if they say the chicken will lay seven eggs, yet it lays six, the previous statement is altrered. If a person gets killed, every sign showing he ever lived gets destroyed and altered.

That was just a minimal clip of the book, but it greatly terrifies me that after a bit of thought that is not that much off from the western society. You will understand my point when you read the book.

Conversate, please.

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
it's not much off from the western world? no offense, but i believe it was written to say what the world might be like in 1984 if hitler wasn't stopped.


A Rampant Vagitarian
Actually no it was not. It had nothing to do with Hitler, at least according to the author. Of course the leader mey bear resemblance to the WW2 tyrants, but also to W or who ever. Similarities with Stalins looks are the most obvious.

There has been much talk on whom the critisicm is faced at. Somne say capitalism, some say communism, some say the humankind, which I believe is closest to the reality.

Closest resemblance to the wastern culture is the fact that also in the book the rulers are doing everything in their power to prevent people from thinking on their own, they stuff things in to their subconscious so the people think they are their own thoughts, when in fact they are not.Constant propaganda makes people sheep.

When people watch sopa operas and sitcoms they are just where the govt wants them to be, home, entertaining themselves. Bread and circus and the people are pleased.
George Orwell's book was written as a warning of what he saw the world heading towards if people in general continued on the path they were treading at the time he wrote the book. It was not directed at a particular person or event necessarily. Yes, it does very much reflect what America is turning into, which is why you'll find references of "Big Brother" in some of my other posts along with some other peoples' posts in other topics that are fairly old now about W and his new moves.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
I agree with Tiger. America is turning into 1984, just watch FOX news for many examples. People in America are powerless to affect real change, and yet they feel they are in control. All in all the govt is doing an even better job than Big Brother from 1984. They have fooled the masses on a scale not seen on earth I believe. It's amazing.
How to take over a democracy? Make them believe they are free, but the freedom is threatened. They will be like putty in your hands. And that's our country ladies and gentlemen! *small round of applause* (I hope the sarcasm here is obvious)


Pyromaniac Extraordinaire
In my city there are ALOT of servailence cameras, traffic cameras, etc. all around and it makes me think back to when I read 1984. I love that book because it couldn't be more relevent today - Orwell rocks with this book. Is anything private anymore? What is privacy in a world where the people (and thier respective governments) want 'full access' to everything - readily available information and you, 24/7. And that's just the 'big brother is watching you' aspect of things.

Good point about how history being rewritten in regards to 'big brother'/media/etc. Interpretation is anyone's game, of course. But the truth is hard to find sometimes, as well as trust in the sources of said 'truth'. Makes me think of the concept of 'majority rules' - that if say, 4 people believe that 2+2=3 than a 5th person who believes and knows that 2+2=4 as the truth will be told they are wrong because the majority believes otherwise. Spooky ain't it? In 1984 is was taken to the degree that everyday history was being literally rewritten and made the truth.

Constant propaganda makes people sheep.
True, very true. :thumbsup: Geez, and I thought the boogeyman was the worst thing to fear! :eek: Makes your brain hurt just thinkin' about, eh? :confused: I need a stiff drink.


i have a nuke fetish
What I learned from 1984:

1) Take target practice.
2) Buy guns.
3) Make bullets.
4) Prepare to shoot the commies/socialist/fascists/Nazis where ever the rear thier ugly faces.


A Rampant Vagitarian
kilo, I´d rewrite the latter to "shoot everybody."

Well... Here again a little quoting of Voltaire is appropriate "It´s dangerous to be right when your government is wrong".

After thinking the whole thing for a day more, i´ve come down to the conclusion that the key factor is lack of faith. In 1984, and in our society.
See, if all the things the government, the big brother, the whoever wants to feed us are true and right in their basic form, there would not need to be this culture of surveillance. But as the shit is twisted, leaders are insecure of whether the truth is actually right, they need to control others. Propaganda is only needed on lies.
People go with the flow, masses gather stupidiness.
When government doesnt have to care what the truth is, but more about what truth would insecure our position; do us good, they are in the strong. If many enough people shout 2+2=3 it is not even questionable.

There are wmd´s in Iraq

There are links with Saddam Hussein and the Al Qaeda.

We are saving the iraqis freedom

I did not have a sexual affair with this woman

US is a democracy.
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
And 2+2=whatever the fuck you want it to.
That's what I loved about this book. It leads to a deeper level of thinking and gets you to realize that truth and faith run side by side.