Headlines 5 Killed, 3 Hurt in Wis. Hunting Dispute


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Associated Press

BIRCHWOOD, Wis. - A deer hunter killed five people and wounded three more in a dispute over a hunting platform on private property during the opening weekend of deer season, authorities said.

A 36-year-old man was arrested Sunday afternoon when he came out of the woods, sheriff's officials said.

Deputy Jake Hodgkinson identified the suspect as Chai Vang but would give no details. Vang is from St. Paul, Minn., said Paul Schnell, a spokesman for the St. Paul police department.

The shooting started when two hunters returning to their rural cabin on private land saw the suspect in one of their hunting platforms in a tree, Sawyer County Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle said. Hunters often build platforms in trees in order to be able to view prey and shoot from a high angle.

Both of those hunters were wounded and one of them radioed friends at the cabin a quarter-mile away. Other members of their group responded and they also were shot, he said.

"It's absolutely nuts. Why? Over sitting in a tree stand?" asked Zeigle.

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The man that was trespassing must've felt very threatened alone in the woods confronted by 6 or so people after he had already denied their demands/requests. It seems he initially shot 2 people and more were alerted when one man was injured and called for help. The people that arrived to help were met the same way. I've quoted an article leaving out most of the parts that do not directly describe the conflict. The entire article an be read here: http://www.aberdeennews.com/mld/aberdeennews/news/nation/10242392.htm
"[sheriff] Zeigle said two members of the hunting party were returning to their shack about noon when they spotted a hunter sitting in one of their deer stands. They told him that he was on private property and that he needed to leave."

"Zeigle said a confrontation erupted and the man opened fire with his assault rifle.

"One of the injured hunters used his walkie-talkie to alert his companions in the hunting shack that he had been shot, Zeigle said. When the other hunters emerged from the shack, the shooter began firing at them as well, he said."

"The suspect, Chai Vang, was arrested about 5 p.m. local time, Sawyer County Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle said.

"When Vang was arrested, he was carrying a high-powered SKS assault rifle and was out of ammunition, Zeigle said."

"Information is sketchy at this time," Zeigle said Sunday evening. "Many of the people we need to talk to are in the operating room."