Headlines 56 year old gives birth to twins


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NEW YORK (CNN) -- Just three days shy of her 57th birthday, Aleta St. James has given birth to twins.

The baby girl and boy were born at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital by cesarean section.

Francesca was born first, at 9:18 a.m., weighing 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and Gian (pronounced John) followed at 9:19 a.m., weighing 5 pounds, 3 ounces, the hospital said.

"The babies are in excellently good health," said Dr. Jonathan Scher, the physician who delivered the babies. "They are fabulous babies and were well enough to go directly to the well-newborn nursery." He also reported that St. James "is doing just fine."

"When I look into my children's eyes, I feel such love, gratitude and appreciation for having been given these miraculous gifts," St. James said after her birth.

Jane Miller, director of the North Hudson IVF, a fertility clinic in New Jersey, said that St. James, a motivational speaker and life coach, had been her patient for several years before she discussed undergoing in-vitro fertilization. "She's been my gynecological patient for a while. It wasn't like she just came to ask to become a record or be some statistic," Miller said.

"In general I would not recommend someone to get pregnant at this age," Miller added. "Pregnancy at this age can increase the chances of premature birth, which can cause neurological damage to the baby."

MayoClinic.com, a partner of CNN.com, lists these additional risks to pregnancy during a woman's 50s:

Increased miscarriage risks
Gestational diabetes
Pregnancy-induced hypertension
Greater chance of Caesarean delivery
Miller said she agreed to oversee St. James' pregnancy because she was in such good health.

"There was no medical reason that would prevent a successful-term pregnancy with her through the use of donated eggs," Miller said.

Miller noted that in the wake of publicity about St. James, more older women are contacting her about giving birth.

"This is a very risky situation," Miller said. "And when women of this age range call, I'm going to give them a dose of reality."

St. James was bit more optimistic about the possibility of other women following her lead. "At any age it's possible," she said. "It's only over when it's over. ... I don't want to have any regrets when I'm older."

The oldest American to give birth to twins was 57-year-old Judy Cates, on December 9, 1998. The oldest to give birth is believed to be a 63-year-old woman from Highland, California.

St. James is the sister of Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa.


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I don't care what anybody else says, to consieve past the age of 50 is wrong. Think about this, when her twins are 18 they'll have a 74 year old mother. Unless she takes damn good care of herself, she'll be venerable by that time. The children have just gone through youth and already have to deal with the twilight years of their parents. As women get older, they are more likely to miscarriage. Perhaps that is for a reason.


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the child birth was not the shocking part to me, it was the 56 year old still having sex! :rolleyes:


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Im going to have sex when I am fifty.

But, when she is 60, they will be ten. Im 27 and my kids are 12,10,9,8 and 5. I have no energy at the end of the day!

PS she may not have had sex, I think the eggs were transplanted.


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I think that that is really messed up! if its true that the eggs where implanted then it shows that she really intentionally did that. I cant believe she was that stupid.. I feel bad for the kids that were born they dont need to deal with that. I know a kid who is 15 and her parents are in their 50's and she hates it cuz her parents are too old to really do anything.. Now how does that old bat expect to be able to do anything with her kids without breaking a hip?


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dustinzgirl said:
Im going to have sex when I am fifty.

But, when she is 60, they will be ten. Im 27 and my kids are 12,10,9,8 and 5. I have no energy at the end of the day!

PS she may not have had sex, I think the eggs were transplanted.

Wow, you had kids early. Good for you to keep up with them, i know i couldn't!!!!! :D


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hmmm.. if you thought that was bad... heres a 59 y/o Great Grandmother that is having twins... ohh yeah.. she had her tubes tied... 33 years ago... story


i know a guy that goes to my school, hes 15 and his dad is like, 67 and his mom is 55. They live on a farm out in the sticks and hes a complete hick. its funny in a twisted way. he also has a 13 year old brother.