Headlines 9/11 report to recommend new Cabinet post


Seeker of Truth
The final report from the 9/11 commission will recommend creating a Cabinet-level post to oversee intelligence responsibilities that are spread across the government, according to a source familiar with the document.

What is your thinking on this?

I don't know if one more overpaid bureaucrat will bring us anymore "intelligence"?


lexicon incognito
it's time to stop making cabinet officials appointees of the president. i think it's bullshit that the executive branch has so little election comprising it when the legislative branch is entirely elected. what better proving grounds than the eyes of the american people? and honestly, no. i don't think there should be a terrorism intelligence overseer. i think anyone can log onto a computer once in a while to check their e-mail. there is no excuse for information not being shared; in fact i don't believe the intelligence offices made the mistakes they're taking the blame for making. i think since gwb helps with the budget process, he threatened a big fat ZERO next to the name "CIA" next year if they don't do what he says to do.

~ dan ~