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_Kitana_ is not f†cking on a power trip.


Bringer of Bees
goddam so she erases a few of your threads big shit deal, did i care when she got rid of my bring back otepsoul thing,nope

so deal :mfinger:


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Heh exactly.. I love how some people assume there must always be a forum nazi (nazi-ess?). Puh-leaze, they need to find something else to be controversial about.

This forum is quite flexible, and we don't generally randomly delete threads because someone talks shit about a staff member or talks about how much they hate this site. There is an abundance of such threads we've been flexible about if any idiot took the time to look... It is only a rare occurance where we had to delete something or edit something, and we reserve that right. *shrug*