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A Cry for Help

Again excuse the grammer problems:

A Cry for Help

Moving to my dad’s wasn’t easy. It was a transition I wasn’t ready for. The noise, the people, the food, all different, and I hated it. Seeing that I have been using my own computer, and in my own room, didn’t go down very well. I liked the small family, you can get away with things, and being such a momma’s boy, she could forgive anything, even sex. With the new family, I was a rogue in the family. I didn’t belong to any clichés or friendship. My blood-related brother and father, disowned me, they were one of them now. A little happy family, and I was the virus, the sickness they all feared. The funeral was in three days, and I couldn’t even go. I cried my eyes out that day, I loved my mother dearly, and she died of cancer.

As life went on, my grades slowly plummeted to Cs and Ds, I was once and all A student in high school, but now I have the stupid classes, and I barely pass. At least I got a slut to go out with me, couldn’t exactly go on dates, I didn’t have a car or a license, the forbid it. So I would sneak off to her house, and fondle with her there. I would came back to the house exhausted, making some coffee, and pull an all-nighter. It didn’t really matter what I did, my parents didn’t care. My parents, often fought, over stupid stuff, usually about me. How I was a problem, and how I was a disgrace to the family. At one point they thought I was gay. But how could I be, I couldn’t have a steady girlfriend, because I didn’t have a car. They just made a con, to scare away my homophobic brothers.

A week or so later, I came down with the flu, it was a new experience, because I never got sick before, and I missed a week of school. I got a lot better, and I had a high fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. I went on with my life, thinking nothing of it, and I didn’t make up the homework, I got laid instead. It was finally towards the end of the school year, and I could finally sleep in for the summer. When school was finally out, I got these night sweets and I felt really tired all the time. I thought, how could this be when school just got out and disregarded it since, I knew people have changes during their teenage years. It got worse, I lost 16 pounds and I started to get boils on my skin. I needed to see the doctor, as soon as possible. It was too much to ignore. I stopped seeing my “girlfriend” because I felt abnormal, and I knew she would just crush me.

I asked my father, “ Dad, I need to see the doctor now, just for a checkup”
He said “ When I have time.”
“ I need it now!”
“What for”
“I’m to embarrassed to say”
“Well then deal with it then”
“Fine, I’ll bring you tomorrow, only if you shut up for the next month!”

He brought me to the doctor, and he took me in after a 20 minute wait.
The nurse said “Come on in the doctor is waiting for you.”
I walked in, not knowing what to expect. I walked around, trying to ignore the elevator music, and I walked into his office.
He asked “How do you feel?”
I said “ Sick doctor”
He asked “What’s the matter”
I pulled my hand out to show him my boils.
He said “ Hmmmm. How long has been going on?”
“ About a week or so, I also have night sweets and I’m always tired”
He asked “Son, are you sexuality active”
I asked “ Will you tell my parents?”
“Well they are going to find out either way”
“Yes, why”
“I believe that you have AIDS, I’m not absolutely positive, I just need to do a blood test”
I was thinking, oh my god, I’m going to die, what will my parents think of me, a gay disease, oh shit. He took out a needle to draw some blood. He drew some blood and went to the laboratory to see what the deal was. He came back 20 minutes later, and said “ I’m sorry son, but you have AIDS, you need to get your partner in here, or tell her yourself, that they got it too.”
A million things were going through my head. The doctor dismissed me to the lobby, there was nothing he could do there wasn’t a cure.
My father asked “Your healthy”
“Just get in the car dad, I will tell you in there”
We walked out, I opened the door, and I went straight for the car. He unlocked the door, and I opened my door, and I just sat there.
“D-Dad…I-I have AIDS”
“How in god’s name did you get that, humping some guy from school?! I mean god damn it what is wrong with you?”
“ Dad, I started seeing this girl, and I snuck out of the house to get laid, and I think I got it from her.”
“Jake, you need some serious help, but there is really nothing you can do now”
“ I know Dad, I know”
“Jake, I don’t want this spread around the house, and I wont tell your step mom. How long do you have to live?”
“the doctor said2 months”
There was a long silence
“Here is what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you $550 dollars and I want you to go to the homeless shelter downtown. I want you to write me every week, and keep the money in your crotch. If you need anymore money, just write me, and I will come by and check on you.”
“Dad, you going to let me live as a hobo to die?”
“Yes, I wouldn’t be able to stand you dieing in front of my slowly”
We went home and packed my clothes, some soap, and a few blankets, so I could keep warm.
We left at 1 am, when everyone was sleeping, and I grabbed my luggage and we headed for downtown
“Son, I want you to guard this money with your life, this is the only thing you have for good food, and I want you to know that I love you”
We arrived at the shelter and he opened the door for me so I could grab all the luggage. He hugged me and whispered “goodbye son” in my ear.
He hugged me for ten minutes, and then left without a trace. I thought what should I do now? What should I do, where should I go?
I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I went to the local Greyhound and I got on the bus.

The cost of the ticket was $182, from Seattle. I saw the country, I saw the Grand Canyon and the Great Plains, and Graceland. It was a three day trip to Washington D.C. I got off the bus and walked to capitol hill. There was security check, but I got through ok. I bought a few blank posters and I wrote on it ‘Find a cure!’ Days and weeks went by, and I just sat there with my worn down sign, hoping my voice was heard. So far I got $10 in coins the people threw down at me. I didn’t use it though. I was becoming more and more sick, a few citizens join me. Since I could no longer walk, they waited with me, waiting for a cure. I had two weeks left, until I was going to rest in peace. More and more people join me on my quest for a cure, all they could do though is give me good company. They group started to carry me around to various sites, like the Supreme Court, Vietnam Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.

They picket lined, and sung songs of peace, joy, and sadness. I had three days left, I knew that this was the end. I died a week later, and every day, for a two weeks, they had a candlelight memorial. My supporters raised enough for my funeral, and laid me to rest at a cemetery near by. 3,000 people attended my funeral, and even my family flew out to see it. They were sad then, but when I need the real help, they couldn’t help but disown me. They were only there for the pictures, to show how much they cared.


I know where you live!
I dont understand... so this is a story about you???


Nice story if I do say so myself. However, I think that it could've used more backround information on your mom and the life before.