A day in the life of the chatroom...


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
* Descent1 slaps Jingles with Kurt Cobains decomposed penis.
<Jingles> hmmm.
<Descent1> Intriguing!
<Descent1> It's smelly and hairy. It also has a guitar pick in it's foreskin.
<Descent1> beebee el teeteewhyel roffel lemfaou
<Descent1> :)
<Descent1> oh yeah...check out this comic I made
-Descent1- Preparing for DCC file transfer.
<Jingles> ok.
<Descent1> Cum on Jay...You'll love it
<[a|ien]> eww
<[a|ien]> let's not, and err not say we did either. :)
<Jingles> Cum on Jay? Man. That's almost worse than nosub wanting to get pissed on by a chick.
<Descent1> Haha
<Descent1> I'd let a chick piss on me. Hell, I'd love it.
<Descent1> I'm into that raucnhy shit.
<Descent1> Raunchy*
<Jingles> great
<Descent1> No shit please. That stuff smells ungodly.
<Jingles> ?
<Descent1> Piss is fun, though, as long as there is no asparagus.
<Jingles> do you have a psychiatrist?
<Descent1> Shit as in "Feces Fucking!"
<Descent1> Yeah
<Descent1> and a shrink
<Descent1> But I'm pretty hyper right now because my ADHD meds are flowing out of my system.
<Descent1> My ADHD is so bad, I can't even focus on things I like.
<Descent1> And my impulses...woo!
<Jingles> I don't want to hear about your one eyed willy.....lol. "shrink"? I'd think of a better name than that for mine.......
<Descent1> You mean my "Skunk Viper?"
<Jingles> skunk viper = smelly snake
<Descent1> Yeah. That's after 6:00 PM, it all goes downhill.


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
<Descent1> bbl, h0t tub
<Jingles> okie dokie.
<Jingles> thanks for the warning.
<[a|ien]> eww asparagus
<Jingles> J's about five minute late.
<Jingles> lol
<[a|ien]> i so want to log the last 10 minutes of chatroom and make a new wtf thread called "a day in the life of the chatroom" ;)
<Jingles> lmao
<Jingles> do it
<Descent1> Yeah, not a bad idea
<Descent1> Now I am actually going to go in my h0t tub
<Descent1> see you guys in a sec
<Jingles> alrighty
<Jingles> one sec in the hot tub...?
<Jingles> hmmmm
<Jingles> nm, i don't want or need an explanation.


That's good shit,man.
You should keep this BS going for awhile. Kinda like Gumer and his "Quote of the day",but with chat.