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Chinese man sells son to buy lottery tickets

Beijing - A father who sold his newborn son to raise money to buy lottery tickets was sentenced to 10 years in prison in China's latest baby-trafficking case.

The man, identified only by the family name Zhang, sold his baby boy for 9 000 yuan (about $1087USD) because "he had dreams of becoming rich overnight", reports said.

The Fugou county court in central China's Henan province sentenced him to 10 years in jail and fined him 5 000 yuan.

Zhang, 35, had previously served five years in jail for stealing.

The man has at least one other child. There was no word on the fate of his infant son.

The Chinese government says thousands of children are abducted or bought from poor families every year for sale to childless couples or families who want more children.

The trade is partly driven by China's policy of limiting most couples to one child. The limit prompts some parents to sell, abandon or kill baby girls in hopes of trying again for a boy.

China says it is cracking down against such practices.

In several highly publicised cases, leaders of baby-trafficking gangs have been sentenced to death. - Sapa-AP
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I don't think it gets much worse than that; and I'm a ginormous asshole. How sad.
The killing part was common for a good amount of the eastern cultures, I guess there really was never an end :(. sad