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Bug Report A few bug notes to myself...


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Did a little update today, and still have a few bugs to work out.

  • Page number link nav is not aligning to the left properly on topic list page.
  • Incorrectly sized reaction icons on topic list page.
  • Both reactions side-bar and reactions "tab" in member profiles are displaying (choose one).
  • Primary and Call-To-Action buttons are not identical in size & alignment.
  • Fix Button Group Colors
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Social Distancing Warrior
I got this when I came to this site:
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I only had this happen a few time with this site, but then it started to happen with other sites as well such as YouTube. That caused the embedded YouTube videos on this site to all show up as solid white rectangles that could not be played. :confused:

As it turns out the problem was that the clock on my computer was about a week behind. Ever since daylight savings time started this year, my computer's clock has been losing an hour every time I boot up. I had tried to reset the time, but stupid Windows 8.1 tells me I do not have permission and that I should contact my computer's administrator. However, my account is an administrator! I even ran the Command Prompt as administrator and then ran the time program. Again, it told me I do not have a required privilege. I ended up setting the time through the BIOS by pressing F2 (repeatedly) when my computer booted. I do not know why this bug with the clock losing an hour is showing itself now. For years it was not a problem. :mad:
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