WTF ... IS WTF!?
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A Glimpse


The Iron Lung
This a list of a couple of things that struck me as odd today.

I went to Sam Ash to get a guitar string and next to Sam Ash is a "salon" called..."Jungle Cuts"...that "specialize in weave, coloring, and braiding"...Apparently i'm the only one that finds this racist as hell....because the place was PACKED.

As a joke...I Googled "making crack" and the VERY FIRST site is one that details the steps in cooking cocaine into crack. No joke.

I've been thinking that 1)The lady at the Headshop is trying to sabotage my "projects" because she keeps giving me 12mm stems when I specifically say "9mm" and 2)They should try to come up with some more comforting names for street drugs "Crack" "Weed" "Meth" "Acid"...they all sound very menacing...they should be like "Puppies" "Pillow" "Sugary"...It has to be scaring the kids.

Why is it that some people clap when they laugh...thats like the most annoying shit i've ever experienced. What the hell is up with clapping in the first place....its so...simian...cant we verbalize our excitement...we have to beat our hands together to "Make a loud poppy noise".

I saw a billboard that read "Tony Robbins....Live in orlando." so naturally I was like "Fuck yes...tony robbins." but then I looked down a little bit...and it was from February 12-18. Why is that fucking sign still up? I almost got into a wreck i was so excited.

Maybe i'll do some more later...just had to get that Tony Robbins thing off my chest.


yea, the first time I saw it I was like "WTF?! that was so random...." and I broke out into laughter. I think it was during the Jewish Eps, but not sure.