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There's a very good chance that I don't care.
I thought it might be helpful to some of you young bucks to let you know that after decades of careful analysis and research Tool has become, without question, the greatest rock and roll band to ever exist in the genre. I understand some jackass is going to reply to this with some nonsense about some other band. Feel free to do so but please understand you'll be wrong regardless of who you choose. I did not come to this determination easily but facts are facts and your opinions regarding those facts are utterly inconsequential. Tool is the one complete discography which requires possession, listening and focus. Feel free to discuss band numbers 2, 3 or 4.
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Dark Fader

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I think their greatest characteristic is the quality of music they've consistently put out over the years.
They will hold the public, who begs for more, at arms distance... refusing to put out crap, just because the people want more...
If they can't put out quality tunes, they won't put anything out at all. So when they finally do break down and release an album, it's as solid as firm tits.

Even my hometown band, deftones, has eventually put out crap at an old age ... TOOL has remained true to their roots.

One of my favorites...


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I'm a fan but not a fan. I like their music but haven't bothered to keep up with it.

I saw them at Lollapalooza 2. Never heard of them. They blew my mind.