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A How-To For Newbies

Discussion in 'Guides & How-Tos' started by Taylor_Blade, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Hello Newbie. Welcome to WTF.com.

    Upon first joining the site, you'll be in a probationary period with limited functionality. You can post, choose an avatar, etc. However, there are many features you will not be able to access (such as posting links, signatures, etc). Once you participate on the site, these restrictions are quickly removed.

    This thread is designed to help you with some of the most basic information on setting up your profile, adjusting your settings, posting new topics, using BB Codes, Video/Image posting, responding to threads, and more.

    You'll be ranting and raving in no time.
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  2. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Profile Set-Up:

    Setting up the basic information for your profile is simple. First, use the drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner and select "Personal Details".


    After reaching the Details Page, just fill out the easy form to your liking. Please remember: Unless specified otherwise in your settings, some of this information will be visible to the public.

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  3. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Signature Set-Up:

    Before you create a signature, please remember two things:

    1. WTF.com is a PG-13 community and we do not allow obscene, overly graphic, or nude images here.
    2. Over-Sized or Animated Signatures cause load-times to become an issue. We kindly ask that you do not use either.

    You can use the same drop down menu as before to reach the menu title "Signature" or you can simply double click your name in the top right-hand corner to reach another menu it is included in.

    General Rule: When your signature is larger than your post and it's not site-related, it has high odds of being edited.

    Simply place the images or text you would like into this area and click either "Preview" or "Save".

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  4. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    User Profile Settings:

    Continue down the menu to your left of the Personal Details Page, or again using the drop-down menu at the top of your page.

    There are several options on this menu that effect your settings and/or information to ensure that your experience with us is to your liking:

    Menu Options Of Interest:
    "Contact Details"
    "Alert Preferences"
    "Facebook Integration"

    Each of these forms are very easy to fill out, take very little time, and are explained in detail.

    Here is an example to further assist you:

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  5. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Profile Comments:

    You can post comments on your own profile as "Status Updates" using the last option in the user drop-down menu:


    You can also post status messages from inside your profile, that can be reached using the same menu.

    You can also post comments or respond to comments on other member profiles by entering their profile and filling out the comment box:


    You will also notice that you have the ability to like comments, report comments in violation of the rules, and edit your own comments if they contain mistakes.
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  6. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Basic Principles of Posting:

    Before posting it is important that you read and adhere to the rules of our website. The full list of rules and guidelines can be viewed here.

    In the meantime, here are four of the most basic suggestions from me to you:

    1. Flaming is not allowed in ANY section other than “Taters and Haters”. This simple rule keeps our forums fun for all. Please refrain from violating it.

    2. Posting multiple times in a row, or “double-posting” as it is referred to is ill-advised and very frowned upon. Please use the multi-quotes as an alternative. (You can find info on how to "multi-quote, in the "Post Creation" section of this tutorial)

    3. Using proper grammar and sentence structure, as opposed to 133T speak, is key to proper communication. Please be aware that we do have and enforce a literacy clause.

    4. Abusing the color text tool will make your posts difficult to read and often annoy other posters. We would ask that you keep things of this nature at a minimum.
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  7. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Thread Creation:

    In order to start a new topic the first step is always finding the proper section in which to post it. Once you've found the forum section your topic can call home. Click on the Forum. Once inside you will find an option to your right to "Post New Thread":


    Click the icon and you will be taken to the proper area:


    Here everything is laid out for you in the simplest form possible.

    To add a poll to your thread, simply use the form attached, check the box applicable for your poll settings, and hit either "Preview" or "Save" to continue.
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  8. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Post Creation:

    To create a post in reply to another thread, first identify the thread you wish to comment on. After you have found a thread worthy of you brilliant Newbie-Mind, scroll-down to the bottom of the page and use the following box to create your reply:


    If you prefer a more detailed post creation box, you can click "More Options" and be taken to an area more like what is seen in "Thread Creation".

    To reply to a specific person, "multi-quote" to prevent "double posting", you can hit the reply button on any posts in the thread you wish, and it will add a "quote" into the reply area for you to comment on.
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  9. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Post Editing and Reporting:

    To edit your post after it's been created, simply click the "Edit" button and a pop-up will appear allowing you to alter anything and everything about your post. (Edits are limited by time, so don't wait too long.)


    To report a post that is in violation of our site rules, simply click the "Report" button at the bottom of the post in question and state your reason for reporting. (Our moderation team will handle it from there)

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  10. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Post Ratings / Likes:

    To rate a post, use the tool-bar located at the bottom of the post and select the appropriate rating.


    There are several options to choose from including:

    Like, Agree, Disagree, Helpful, Smite, Kill It With Fire, Funny, ORLY, Taters, Facepalm, I Call Bullshit, and of course WTF!?

    (Please be aware that several options may be reserved for Premium Members only.)

    You can also see a short list of others who have rated the post, by clicking on the "List" option.
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  11. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Posting Videos and Images:

    To post videos please refer to the quote below from one of our Founders BRiT:

    To post images or other cool things, please use the image tags and other options found in our BB Codes Section:

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  12. Taylor_Blade

    Taylor_Blade Lost Soul

    Conversations / Private Messaging

    Before you private message, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. DO NOT spam members of this site using private messages.
    2. DO NOT harass members of this site using private messages.
    3. Private Messages contain the word "Private" for a reason. Under NO circumstances are you to post Private Messages for public viewing without consent given by BOTH Parties.
    4. Other site rules still apply.


    To start private messaging, hover your mouse over the "Inbox" drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the site, and select "Create New Private Message"


    This will take you to the Private Messaging Area where you can find the proper parties you wish to include, and select the appropriate options for your PMing experience.


    The participants drop down should assist you with any username spelling issues you might encounter. Simply start typing the name, and then select it from the drop-down.

    Use the two check boxes below to decide whether you want to allow others to be invited in, or if you wish to receive replies from the other party involved.

    Once a conversation is created, you may leave the conversation at any time without being notified to further replies, by clicking the "Leave Conversation" option.

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