A life less ordinary...(tbc ?)


"I died a bit today" that is all the words she said.
As she slowly turned around and put a gun against her head.
"I didnt plan on losing and I did not come to see..."
"...all these people being happy and nobody notice me."
"I didn't come to spite you and I didn't come to hurt..."
"...as you did me yesterday when you made me feel like dirt"
"I didn't come to preach to you about the worth of life..."
"...while every breath I'm taking now stabs me like a knife"
"I didn't plan to come to you and make you suffer guilt..."
"...I know deep down inside you know it's me you slowly killed"
"I didn't think it'd go this far, the grapes would turn so sour..."
"...the lies would run so deep into the places that I cower"
"I didn't think to save a tear, my wells have now run dry..."
"...all freedoms that you took from me and most I miss to cry"