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Hella Constipated
Well...I finally realized that I am sick and tired of first person shooters. They bore me to death now.

Daikatana will be the last one I will play for a while. I just ordered it tonight, hopefully it will be here in a few days. It was only two bucks, so I figured, what the hell. I've always wanted to play it...I may as well play it now. I have heard very good things about it from non-biased sources, not to mention I loved the demo.

Currently the only first person shooter series I still find fun is Descent, because it is so much different from the other FPS games out there.

Does anyone here no any good games that are not first person shooters? I'm thinking that I should order those replacement A/V cables for my Dreamcast and old-school it for a while, like Shurikane.

I was really wondering if there are any other genres out there that would be worth playing. I know I like flight simulations, can anyone recommend some good ones? Also, some real time strategy games and platformers would be nice.