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A New Wave of Malware - Ransom ware


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The digital age brings a new type of invisible thief, a cyber cat burglar who is getting trickier by the day. The latest break-in, an isolated but probably telling incident, happened in San Diego.

Websense, an Internet security company, reported that an unnamed client's files were being held for ransom. A hacker designed a virus that encrypted the company's documents, photographs, and spreadsheets. Later, the client received an email demanding $200 for decryption, transferable to an online bank account.

This proved to be a risky demand as investigators were easily able to track the offender and arrest him. Though the evil plan didn't pan out and the security firm Lurhq was able to decipher the encryption, the event could be a troublesome harbinger of malware and Internet extortion to come.

The FBI reported that most extortion schemes involve much higher ransoms based on only the threat of a cyber attack. This new brand of malware, dubbed "ransom-ware" is the first to actually "kidnap" important files.

"This is equivalent to someone coming into your home, putting your valuables in a safe and not telling you the combination," said Symantec's Oliver Friedrichs.

Security experts are already working to develop software that can guard against the new virus, and fear grows as to how creative and skilled hackers may become.
At least is safe, who would pay a dime of ransom to save this hole? :p


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Hahahaha, what a 'tard. Too bad he didn't succeed. That goddamned monkey always pissed me off to no end in school. Repped. :thumbsup:

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so you got a guy smart enough to design this virus, but stupid enough to give them his bank account that is trackable to him...