A perspective.


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I have made some threads about this women (who is our flatmate, but soon to move out on the 19th) and this is more of a overlook thread then an angry thread.
I have noticed lots of things about her, which makes her exceedingly annoying.
I need to go over these things somewhere so I can vent it,

1, She is very competitive, she will always make every thing a competion, Yesterday I said, It's 5;00pm, and she says to me "No I have 5;05pm, I set mine this morning"
So? Who cares. 5 minutes. Oh my god!

2, She says things that will make you sit in wonder and say to yourself "Did she really just say that bitchy comment?"

3, She will always get her point across, which of course, Is right. She is stuck in this rut about how water, she favours distilled water, which, if you look up almost every website will say it is not for long term use, which she uses, she will say that she got all this information from her friend, Well! By golly who died and made her friend god? Or you will say something and say, "well yada ya ya and I had this from this person and I know it's right"

4, She is very arrogant.

5, If she doesn't like someone, she will make it very difficult for that ONE person (Ie. me) and to her other friends, Is a fucking lap dog.

That is all for now, but I just needed to get it off my chest and to let it out of my head for awhile so I can relax.


Five minutes can mean being on time for work or not. Try getting some jumbo cotton balls and wraping them with tape. Tell her they are stress balls and throw them at eachother when you feel offended or bothered or stressed(They don't hurt.). It will help you get to better understand what it is about about eachother you don't like and hopefully make things better in the long run. Plus it makes you feel better to be able to throw something at them!!!