a sad story...


Banned - What an Asshat!
I care. That is very sad. That poor child and mother. Just makes me thankfull for what I have in life. Kind of makes you want to hold on a little bit harder, ya know.


Of course people care. Not much we can do to overcome bush's supremacy though... americans are dieing left in right in Iraq and for what reason? "To help them rebuild"? No, fuck bush and his dumb fuck antics. American's will continue to lose lives in Iraq because of the fact we STILL havent left thanks to bush and the percentage of America that re-elected bush. Good job America, we will continue to be ass fucked by the infamous bush. GET A FUCKING CLUE! The new world order is taking over and if you dont believe me download the documentary "911 Road To Tyranny" by Alex Jones. His website is www.infowars.com and to get the vcd rip go to suprnova.org and type in "911 Road". Sorry for getting a bit off topic, but what this government has become is shit and it's really keeping me pissed off, especially at bush.