a sky we created


Should I Call You Jesus?
I'm laying here,
Staring at the sky.
This place so holy,
It represents you and I.

Piano plays,
Music sways.
I feel it all,
as my tears fall...

I felt you always,
I hope you felt me.
I loved you forever,
Not less, Not more...

What we've created,
Possessed us,
Body, spirit and soul...

Musical notes in my head,
Echo all of the words you've said.
Feelings never heard of,
Shadowed what we made our love.

Now I'm stuck here,
In this gap between you and reality,
Never knowing what to do next,
I've always laid hidden in fantasy.

You pulled me up,
pulled me out,
Whether I wanted to or not.
You raised me up...
Higher than anything I've ever felt...

Now everything is in the way...
Our people,
Our past,
The ocean...

And all I can see is the sky dissapearing,
The piano breaking,
The music haunting,
My feelings out of control,
and my tears falling...

Faint light...
You are.
I hope.
And we will return,
To dance with the sky again...


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
damn dude thats some deep shit.......wow it brought goose bumps down my back for some reason....but good job none the less :thumbsup: