A Slice of Wedding Cake


Angel of Death
7 months to go...
It's Happy anniversary baby.
Its been 8 months
since I took you as My Man.
Where has all this time gone.
I finding it hard to Smile
even for you some days.
But I keep trying...
I do best for you...
I do everything for you...
I am not sure if its ever just enough
But its 7 months to go
before I have you as my husband,
and its been 8 months
since I claimed you were.
Before they took you far from me
and placed you in hells own fire
out of reach, out of touch
of everything I know.
Cause I am here baby
and you are there from me,
but it isn’t to far....
for me to kiss the heavens
and bring you back to my world.


Banned - What an Asshat!
makes me kind of tear up....all the waiting! god kit doesnt that drive you nuts?!?