::a Trickling Tear::


this is a poem that i wrote after the death of my mother, so it is sad


The trickling tear
Runs down my face
For I must say farewell
To you on this February night

I remember it well just a phone call like no other
I was awake I don’t know why
I already knew but how

I came as quick as I could
To find you on the bed
Asleep you looked to my eye

I held your hand
As cold as ice
How can this be so

The tears start to poor
As I know it is true
Never to hear you laugh
Never to see your smile

Some piece of me died
That fearful night
I sat under the big oak tree
Not knowing what to do
Not knowing what to think
Not knowing whom to turn to

I was so confused that night
The sun came up
I do not understand
How can this world
Be so bright without you
This place I still call home
Still spinning without you
On it’s dark face

I see people laughing, talking, and joking
How can this be so
People going on with there lives
As if nothing has happened
Not knowing not caring
That you are gone
How can they not know
How can they not care
You brought the sun up
In the morning
You tucked it in at night

The earth still goes on
With out you
Yet I don’t know how

You still live in owe memories
And owe hearts
Now you shell never grow old
Now with no more pain
You shell live on??


wow i started to cry...but thats proabibly cuz i was sneezing uncontrolably...sorry, but i still thought it was good, keep it up!