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A3D, EAX, or DS3D?

Aureal 3D, Creative EAX, or Microsoft DirectSound 3D?

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Hella Constipated
Which one do you think makes your games jizz with audible realism?

It's gotta be A3D for me. Nothing beats UT99 or FreeSpace 2 with that on. It's like you're really there.

It's a shame Creative bought Aureal, then never used their amazing audio technology again.

Just another reason I don't buy Creative products :mfinger:. That, and their high price and shit drivers.

My brother got an Audigy 2 ZS Gamer for Christmas, against my recommendations for a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, and it came with a sound sputtering warning sticker for the free copy of Halo!

On top of that, the stock CD-ROM drivers made the card spit like a camel, and he kept bragging about how good it was :rolleyes:.

I've owned two Lives and a SB 128, and they both caused blue screens on both SiS and Intel based boards.

I gave the 128 to a buddy, I wonder if I BSOD'd on him yet.


Descent said:
Diesel says he's an audiophile, but he voted EAX.

Granted, A3D is no longer used, but it was the best.

Quit being a dumbass, you asked for our opinion, and now you are ridiculing us for having one? :thumbsdn: :thumbsdn:


Descent said:
Diesel says he's an audiophile, but he voted EAX.

Granted, A3D is no longer used, but it was the best.
I'll say this as simply as I possibly can, because you CLEARLY fail to grasp the concept.

EAX and A3D are 3d audio APIs. You will NEVER NEVER NEVER find a real audiophile who considers computer audio, of any sort, gaming or otherwise, to be anything remotely close to audiophile quality. Game audio APIs have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with audiophile-quality audio.
Come back to me with a valid technical explanation as to WHY, and I'll start listening to what you have to say on the subject.

The simple fact that you mentioned mp3s in the same thread as the audiophile discussion makes you an automatic source of ridicule to all who read it.

You're going to need to face the fact that you have no idea what you're talking about while trying to convince those who do know what they're talking about. It's an argument you'll never win.

As for my opinion on this matter, it's simple... A3D no longer exists. The technology that is still around is several years old in an industry that measures product obsolesence in quarters, not years.
New games aren't being developed with it. New cards aren't being released with support for anything Aureal that's newer than several years old.

WAS it a better technology than EAX and it's competitors? Yes, back when it was current, it was. It is no longer current, and it's competitors have since surpassed it by a huge degree, in terms of both audio immersiveness and industry support from game and hardware developers.

Why would, or should, I vote for an API that's no longer updated, no longer widely supported, no longer developed for in any games of any significance, and technically no longer exists in a current form?

If you're going to ridicule me for posting my opinion, you should be just as open to ridicule for including such an option in the poll in the first place.
As brainwash said, stop being a dumbass.


One Horn3y Mofo

I think there is gonna be a show down between these two... and I'm gonna say EAX because thats what I have.... it's all the same to me because I use headphone when I'm playing CS.


Trance Addict
I go with EAX. Most games support it because it's more common than A3D and DS3D. In Far Cry, Doom 3, and Unreal Tournament 2004...ya, it sounds wicked on my [crappy] Altec 5-piece speaker system. The sound environment is top-notch. I really haven't noticed a difference in A3D and EAX (comparing the sound on my pc to my friend's A3D sound card), so I don't see why this poll is even comparing the "sound quality" of these different sound card formats. As stated, compatibility is much more important in general.


Descent said:
Diesel says he's an audiophile, but he voted EAX.

Granted, A3D is no longer used, but it was the best.
Stop shitting up threads with your childish bullshit.

Also, I voted EAX.