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Headlines Abortion Laws


Domesticated Savage
CONCORD, New Hampshire (AP) -- To some, a never-enforced New Hampshire law requiring parental notification before a minor has an abortion is a backward step for women's rights. To others, it protects parents' right to know if their child is having an abortion.

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider those arguments Wednesday as it begins to weigh whether to reinstate a law that requires parental notification 48 hours before an abortion can be performed on a minor.

The 2003 law was struck down, days before it was to take effect, for failing to provide an exception to protect a minor's health.

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Personally I believe that a person, no matter what age, has a right to there privacy. Only in life threatning situations should medical privacy be breached. It should be the choice of the individual to tell her parents and should not be forced to inform them.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Jiraffe said:
Personally I believe that a person, no matter what age, has a right to there privacy. Only in life threatning situations should medical privacy be breached. It should be the choice of the individual to tell her parents and should not be forced to inform them.
I agree. And frankly, if your kid needs an abortion you've already failed her as a parent. Getting involved now won't make things any better.
I think it is a good idea because the decision to have an abortion is something that a woman remembers for the rest of her life. While I personally do not agree with abortion, a few of my friends have had abortions in the past and from what they explain to me the loss is comparable to loosing a child naturally. It is not a decision to be made in haste or a state of panic, and no the mother's life be she young or no is not "over" if she decides to keep the child. My best friend got pregnant at 15. She has been raising her child by herself, and finished university last year.

It seems to me that society likes to project an image on young women who get pregnant..that perhaps they will be lost to a life of cyclic behavior..put on welfare only to produce more children that the state has to pay for. It's a crock..In the US anyone can rise above statistics and have a real and fufilling life. Niether does having a child at a young age condem a women from never finding a mate..Many children have step-parents.

I've also noticed an attitude that in some ways forces young women to make abortion a choice in the first place..The attitude of "well if I allow her to go on birth control it will only give her a 'liscense' to sleep around". That is a load of crock as well. What a pathetic excuse to attempt and keep their daughters virginal? Here you go dear child have a huge helping of guilt, and on the side you can remember this for the rest of your life.

I think one of the most important things parents need to learn (and trust me I have two young daughters..they will be on birth control if and when the time comes) is that if a person really wants to have sex they are going to have sex. I find it more prudent to be responsible for the choices one makes, and plan out life if it can be helped.


Oppressing your posts...
is that legal loophole still in effect where if an underage girl becomes pregnant the parents can force them to get an abortion? I remember years ago hearing of a case of that where the girl didnt want an abortion but her mother made her get one and the legal system ruled in favor of the parent..
If you are not give the right to join the military, vote, drink, or any other way of killing yourself until you are eighteen or older, then you have no right to kill anyone else until then as well. But sense we're talking about the right to let your parents know, and not the moral issue itself, then I have to lean towards kids have no right to privacy until they have their own fucking life. I was raised as long as you live under your parents house, you will live by their guidelines, and that privacy is a luxury, not a right. I have to agree. I see kids who slam doors in their parents faces and hide things from them turn into total fuck ups in the future. Of course, what I consider fucked up is probably skewed by the times now anyway. But I digress, I am not taking about parental dictatorship. I am talking about openly sitting down and discussing this kind of issue with parents. Because even if they say no, a girl can still get an abortion anyway. But atleast the parents can understand where they stand with their daughter. You know what, fuck it, this whole issue is being looked at through a microscope anyway. I'm leaving this conversation to look at the big picture now.


I'd melt the world to stop with you.
Laws like these always sound like a good idea at first, but it never ceases to amaze me at how many holes they have. This one in particular assumes that the parents are reasonable people that know what is best for their child.

Do you know what the sad part about laws like these are? Every year, promising young women die from trying perform their own abortions. Perhaps it should be that a woman's right to do what she will with her own creation should be trumped by the rather trivial right of the parents to know what she's doing with it in the first place? Just a thought.
I was thinking more along the lines of girl's not having sex as teenagers in the first place which would eliminate this debate in the first place, but sure, the other extreme is just to allow women at any age get a medically sound abortion to ensure that atleast they live. Yes, I know, the conservative in me is just raising it's ugly little head. Really, though it's not even conservativism, it's common sense. Abortions become a common place medicqal practice, insurance gets involved and eventually snowballs down on American wallets. Or, abortions are outlawed but teen pregnancy is still encouraged and some backwoods doctor kills a teenager and child. Or, seriously invest in abstinance education and have very little need for it in the first place. Now of course, the argument is but some girls will still do it. Well I don't believe that Americans should continue compensating for other people's bad choices.If they got pregnant, it is their own fault. The next loophole comes from rape of course. However, I would gladly support the adoption of the baby so it can yeild it's lifetime contribution of $2,000,000 or so to society. Or who knows, maybe it will excell, given the chance (Winston Churchill, who was born in a bathroom at his mothers school dance).