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This is a friendly reminder that should anyone have a suggestion as to how the site can do better, please create a thread in this forum, Feedback and Suggestions. If you don't feel comfortable in bringing the topic to light in public, we highly advise you to start a private message discussion with us, the site admins Jason and BRiT. You're also free to contact us via email as well using the Contact Us form.

If you feel intimidated by the powers that be, another means of bringing ideas to light is to start a discussion with the site staff moderators if that makes you more comfortable.

Somewhat related to this, as has always been our longstanding rule and social norm, should you have any issues with the site staff you need to bring that up to us, the site admins Jason and BRiT, in a private message discussion.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Feedback To People's Suggestions (From the desk of MaxPower, 2006)

I've seen a lot of shitty responses to people's suggestions. Now I'd even agree that some suggestions suck, but there's no need in the feedback forum to put it like that.

Consider that no matter how stupid the idea, this person has it in their mind that their suggestion might help. No matter how twisted their sense of reality is, they're trying to help.

Here's my suggestion to all our members. In the future when someone makes a suggestion that you deem stupid or useless, try to use some tact when responding to them. Instead of just saying "it's stupid" tell them you disagree, and give them the points and reasons why you don't think it's a good idea.

This will cause them to "think". "Thinking" is a means of evaluating information, and compiling a list of actions that will achieve a solution. More than one person "thinking" about one problem or situation is called "brain storming". It's a storm in your brain! When a group of people "brainstorm" the power of their "thinking" is exponentially increased.

By use of these tools in our head, we may together move mountains.

....or at least come to the logical consensus that an idea is stupid, rather than just jumping to conclusions.

(Added by Jason, 2006)

Agreed.. I'm making this official policy in the Feedback forum.. While we appreciate some good humor, we can do without 'i hate that'-type responses that include nothing else.

How about give your reasons why and include a suggestion of your own to counter.

This "brainstorming" will only help to improve the site further...

Remember, while we can't realistically make every request active we sincerely appreciate every submission and keep a log of them should such an idea someday be re-considered (we've done this several times)...

Thanks all.
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