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About YOU looking like a clown rn and the Clown World meme.


I am a frequent Twitter lurker who has an account because it's tremendously easier to follow what people are discussing by giving a Follow.
I understand where people, particularly artists, are coming from when they say they hate the new Twitter Web Client. However, I like the more seamless nature of it and I could just make the screen size smaller so it'd look like old school twitter just a bit. I mean where you'd press CTRL & + or -.

I've noticed a recent meme development and it's relation to another meme.
stupid fucking garbige.png
Oh Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. It was dumb and harmless months ago when it first appeared, but now it's annoying. And harmless, but it seems to be an unproductive insult that just forces people to leave the conversation.
Step 1: See something you don't like.
Step 2: Take the shitty, overused image above.
Step 3: Upload and attach it to the tweet your using to respond to that thing you don't like.
Step 4: "Take this since you wanna be a clown." (Or some other worthless retort)
Step 5: Rinse and goddamn repeat over and over until the world ends or you move on to the next garbagio meme!

Did you know, however, that this meme is like a Cleveland Show to the old school Simpsons? It is a spin off of a controversial, yet thought provoking meme called the Clown World (CW) meme. The CW meme mostly originated from 4chan, possibly from /pol/, and it was used to observe what they thought of as tragedies of the modern/postmodern world but from a new perspective, a comedic perspective, a Clown World. Honks ensued, and people got pissed about it, laughed about it, the internet internets.

However, the more normie elements of the internet must have misinterpreted this meme, where it went from observing the wretched world in a humorous light to just bullying/invalidating/name calling people. Whenever the CW meme made fun of something, it wasn't about the people involved, it was more about the situation. But the clown meme is just people reacting to something they view objectionable and saying "u clon" like a dribbling retard. Even some of my favorite creators and personalities have fallen to this normie crap. SJWs especially love using this meme, but also non-SJWs. It's stupid either way. A mutated piece of crap, low IQ, rotten and retarded le reddit maymay!

NOT FUNNY; DIDN'T LAUGH also sucks. Same non-productive garbage that takes up internet bandwidth.
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