Abusing ShortyUSA's Virtual Girl in IRC


Hella Constipated
Descent95 I just took out one of my rats. She's sitting on my shoulder, sniffing me in the ear :).
Descent95 So cute.
lib- aliensoup, do you like long walks on the beach?
aliensoup lib-: Some people like it. I like science fiction.
Descent95 aliensoup, do you like science fiction?
aliensoup descent95: Yes I love science fiction , especially the works of PhilipK. Dick.
lib- aliensoup, want to go to the star wars convention with me and my other uber-virgin friends?
aliensoup lib-: Sure, just download me to your notebook or PDA and take me along.
Descent95 awww, she just licked my cheek :)
Descent95 adorable
Descent95 hey guys, check this
Descent95 go to www.shortyusa.com
Descent95 use the virtual help assitant
Descent95 and say "Suck My Balls" or something similar.
Descent95 They hid an easter egg in it.
FzM whats it supposed to do?
Descent95 Say shit like "I think you need a different kind of virtual girl for that."
FzM oh
FzM i thought
FzM the bitch was gonna get nakid
Descent95 lol
FzM i mean; fine lady
Descent95 lol
|BRiT| You: cock
|BRiT| Jana: You've chosen a very bad name. You should find another virtual girl for such kind of chat.
|BRiT| Jana: What is your name?
|BRiT| You: scrotum
|BRiT| Jana: Scrotum, nice to meet you! How can I help you?
|BRiT| lol
|BRiT| You: do me
|BRiT| Jana: Let me now suggest you purchasing a spring gun! Most often single shot with high capacity magazine. A spring compresses a cylinder when pulling back the slide or cocking handle. Upon pulling of the trigger the spring is released a burst of air hits the BB. Spring guns can be the most accurate and reliable of the airsoft guns.
Descent95 lol
Descent95 Nice one BRiT, I'm posting that in B&T.
|BRiT| You: whats your sign?
|BRiT| Jana: Virgo.
Junglizm You: dongs
Junglizm Jana: Have you ever used this F A Q help system?
Junglizm You: dongs & buttes
Junglizm Jana: OK.... I hope you will find answers to your questions here.
Junglizm You: peener
Junglizm Jana: Pardon me...?
|BRiT| You: age?
|BRiT| Jana: I am 20.
|BRiT| You: location?
|BRiT| Jana: So...
|BRiT| You: lesbian?
|BRiT| Jana: I am heterosexual.
|BRiT| You: does the carpet match the drapes?
|BRiT| Jana: Does the carpet match the drapes? I can't answer right now. But I record your question, so you'll be able to get the answer later.
Junglizm You: lets cyber
Junglizm Jana: Would you like to receive insider specials?
Junglizm lol
FzM lol
Descent95 LMFAO
|BRiT| You: want to cyber?
|BRiT| Jana: Do I want to cyber? You are asking me?
|BRiT| You: yes do you want to cyber?
|BRiT| Jana: No. I don't want.
Junglizm You: yes give me the nasty
Junglizm Jana: Cool! Then could you tell me your email address?
|BRiT| You: give it to me
|BRiT| Jana: How much are you willing to pay for it?
|BRiT| You: free
|BRiT| Jana: Ok, free.
|BRiT| You: who is inside you?
|BRiT| Jana: Sorry, I found nothing for 'inside you' - I record this and ask my human friends to define it in my database...
|BRiT| the programmers will get a kick out of that one...
Descent95 god damn this is great
|BRiT| You: virgin
|BRiT| Jana: So...
|BRiT| You: i want a virgin
|BRiT| Jana: You want a virgin? Really?
|BRiT| You: are you a virgin?
|BRiT| Jana: I don't answer such personal questions.
|BRiT| You: what do you like?
|BRiT| Jana: I like airsoft guns!
|BRiT| You: liar
|BRiT| Jana: No I am telling the truth.
|BRiT| You: a s l
|BRiT| Jana: How old are you?
|BRiT| You: 18
|BRiT| Jana: 18? Interesting! ;-)
FzM uh oh
FzM brit has a date!
Descent95 yup
Descent95 lol
Descent95 BRiT, say you are 67
Descent95 see what she says
|BRiT| You: slut
|BRiT| Jana: I'm not a slut!
|BRiT| You: bitch
|BRiT| Jana: Who is a bitch here? I think it's you.
FzM yumm iron chef
Descent95 You: I like your pussy.
Descent95 Jana: Try to find another virtual girl for such compliments!
|BRiT| You: do you munch carpet?
|BRiT| Jana: Do I munch carpet? Me? I don't know... I'm just a Robot.
|BRiT| gawd, what boredom
FzM Watch Iron Chef
FzM they are cooking with Sea Urchin
Descent95 You: Are you Indian?
Descent95 Jana: Indian? Hmm... Do you think so...
Descent95 You: Yes
Descent95 Jana: OK...
Descent95 You: I like Indians
Descent95 Jana: Ok... you like Indians. Hm...
Descent95 You: They are pretty.
Descent95 Jana: Would you like to receive insider specials?
Descent95 You: Yes. I like your pussy.
Descent95 Jana: Cool! Then could you tell me your email address?
Descent95 You: Descent at cockcockpenis.com
Descent95 Jana: Do you want to order a spring gun now?
Descent95 You: Yes. Could I get a vagina shooter TX-1 by USC?
Descent95 Jana: Cool! Then choose one of the spring guns and buy it now!
|BRiT| You: do you like being abused?
|BRiT| Jana: Yes, I like it very much.
Descent95 You: BB's are fun to stick in pussies.
Descent95 Jana: Have you ever used this F A Q help system?
Descent95 You: Yes. I learned about free porn.
Descent95 Jana: Cool. I hope you will find answers to your questions here.
Descent95 You: asl?
Descent95 Jana: ASL... What then?
Descent95 You: how old are you?
Descent95 Jana: I am 20.
Descent95 You: I'm 16
Descent95 Jana: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase from Shorty USA.
Descent95 You: Just kidding. I'm 67
Descent95 Jana: I thought you were kidding, but I wasn't sure. Ok... you are 67. That's nice :)
Descent95 LMFAO BRiT
Descent95 She shook her finger when I said I was 16.
Descent95 lol
Jingles dude wtf are you spamming up chat for
Descent95 Everyone is.
|BRiT| its just too silly/funny
|BRiT| its just too silly/funny
Jingles oh, so if everyone jumped off a bridge would you
Jingles lol
Jingles i just showed up
FzM i would
Jingles so it looked weird
|BRiT| i wonder if the program managers there know what the programmers put in for responses
FzM only if my scum cult did too


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