Academic Decathlon


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I am on Academic Decathlon.

It's basically sports for smart kids. Teams compete in 10 events (imagine that). There are three competitions: Regional, State, and National. If you advance from regional, you go to state, if you advance from state you go to national. There are three divisions of Academic Decathlon: Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity. The divisions are made by GPA. I'll explain more if anybody wants, but that's not important for this thread.

I am on Academic Decathlon. The team consists of 9 people. Our school has a long tradition of Academic Decathlon "kings" - the unnoficial leader of the team. Last season the king was a senior, and now that he won't be around I am Acdec King. I am basically the voice of the entire team. I reprimand people when they're not doing something correctly, I help resolve issues and I can command the entire team. It is not written, it is merely understood that I am the authority on the team. The coach and I work together to help make the team work.

So, I basically am the head of the Academic Decathlon union. We are a team and this season looked to be very good for us. Unfortunately, the principal has decided to "help".

He has made many, many, drastic changes. Last season, AcDec was relaxed, informal, and the first period of the day (so that it wouldn't conflict with people's schedules). Now, instead of one coach that was flexible and came to us for decisions, we have six coaches with no Academic Decathlon experience. Now the class is sixth period (making it a virtual impossibility for almost all of the current team members, something they didn't consider at all), and the coaches have no idea what to do. They changed everything without consulting us at all. They have just mixed up the entire basis of our team, with no perspective at all. They've made it a near impossibility for every single would-be-returning member to be on AcDec again.

Last season, we were given packets every day. We had to read the packets, then the next day take a test on them. Then we'd get a new packet. There were no worksheets, nothing except the tests. It worked perfectly. The new coaches have no idea how the system works; They don't know what we're supposed to be studying, how we're supposed to be studying it, anything. And they refuse our help. They will not compromise with me or the team, they're treating it like a regular class where they are the authority and the students are just supposed to do the work. That is not how AcDec works. The coach gives the students decisions and the students make the decisions, then execute them. The students have been the authority, as long as AcDec has been at this school. They're changing it up and they have no idea what they're doing.

So the entire team is going on strike. They'll soon realize what they're doing wrong when they have a team of rookies, no leadership, and no fucking clue.

Dumbasses. By then it'll be too late.


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Damn, just reading that pisses me off. I hate ignorant teachers, I've had a shitload of them.