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Well, I might as well submit something to the forum...

So, here are the rules. The person before you posts a word, you acronymize it and post a word after that. Then the next person acronymizes that word.

If you don't know what acronymizing is, here is an example:

me said:
Word: Cock Farm
next poster said:
Acronymization: Crappy Old Citizens Killing Fucking Animals Really Maliciously
That's a great idea, if you make it out, be sure to post it in the forum games and humor!

AWAKEN : A wonderful and kinky entity nevergettingoutofthecockfarm!

Glad to see this made it out of the cock forum. Unfortunately, while I was writing the rules, I managed to mess up and forgot to put in that the person who replies puts the acronym as well as a new word for the next person. So, it's more like this:

person 1 said:
Word: Blah
person 2 said:
Acronym: Breaking Legs And Heads

Word: Escape
And so on and so forth...

Word: Escape
/me bashes head into desk.

You take the word at the end of one person's post, acronymize it, and leave a word for the next person to acronymize. I'll take the last word of your post and acronymize it... Meh, it still works.

Necrophiliacs Eatout Rotting Deaders To Rectify Atrociously Pink Stomachs

Word: Dead <--that's the word you acronymize...