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I saw a bumper sticker bashing George W. today, and it upset me that somebody could be so ignorant. George W. has arguably done more for our country then anybody else in the last 250 years. So many of his policies and decisions set precedents to be used for hundreds of years. George W. quite possibly is the greatest president ever.

Born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, George Washington was interested in the military from an early age. Specifically, he had a love for military arts and western expansion. In 1754 he became a lieutenant colonel and helped fight in the French and Indian war. The next year, he became an aide to Gen. Edward Braddock and exhibited courage and bravery on the field of battle, completing his tasks despite four bullets tearing through his coat and having two horses shot out from underneath him. Kind of like a pre-Revolutinary Superman. Except George Washington could still walk.

After the war, Washington served in the Virginian House. He felt exploited by the British, but tried to solve his problems through words. He voiced his dissenting opinon, but never felt it was fully heard by those in charge. By the time of the Second Continental Congress in Philidelphia, Washington was throughly pissed. He was elected Commander in Cheif of the fledgling Continental Army, and on July 3, 1775 took control of a ragtag group of farmers, planters, and businessmen to free the colonies of British imperial oppression.

Washington realized early in the war what the weakness in the British fighting style was. In those days, wars were fought by ranks of soldiers shooting inaccurate muzzle loaders at each other. Washington implemented a tactic that would come to be known as guerilla warfare. Instead of confronting the large groups of British soldiers outright, his army would hide in the bushes and attack camps of warriors unexpectadly. This uncoventional tactic kept the Redcoats on their toes, and deprived them of much sleep. Finally, after six gruelling years, the British surrendered at the Battle of Cornwallis. George Washington had won the war for the newly founded country of the United States of America.

Washington wanted to retire and spend the rest of his days lesiurly floating down the Delaware River on a raft with his negro friend Jim, avoiding steam boats and having all manner of wacky adventure. But he soon realized that the new country was floundering without any leadership. So he helped orgainze a Consitutional Convention, and was unanimously elected President. He decided that instead of becoming a thorn in Congress' side and interfere with their policy making powers, it was better to work on foriegn relations. This, along with only running for two terms, were a few of the many precedents that he set. On December 14, 1799 Geroge Washington died of a throat infection, no doubt caused by his wooden teeth. People mourned the loss for months.

So next time you hear someone badmouthing George W., give them an earful and let them know what the founding fathers would really think! don't spoil this thread please, it's mostly an experiment.


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I heard that.. George W. was in a cult.. and the cult was into aliens... and I hear his wife always had big fat bowls waiting for him when he got home... what a hip lady... source


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What is the latest thing? He is accused of being a recovering coke head, and using anti-depressents? Hell, Clinton smoked weed and got a blow job, is it that much differnet?


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junglizm said:
I saw a bumper sticker bashing George W. today, and it upset me that somebody could be so ignorant. George W. has arguably done more for our country then anybody else in the last 250 years.

more in a good way or a bad way.. im thinking bad personally... :thumbsdn:


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DanGeo23 said:
this just proves that people post after only skimming the other posts..
Wait! Did someone say something about weed, and a blowjob?


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You're right. I am totally reformed.

George W.: 4 more years!

Precendents and actual laws not applicable.