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Adblock Plus 0.5.9


Supporting with Adblock Plus 0.5.9

I installed Adblock Plus into Firefox, and was researching a bit about it. I found that you can completely prevent the ads from being downloaded, or merely hide them, from sites, such as that you would like to support. By hiding them, the server still thinks you have viewed the adds, and thus, the site makes a little more money, and thus provides us with more buttons to press, and pretty menus and backgrounds to stare at. I'm a fan of buttons.

To get the Adblock Plus Extension. (Make sure you click the "Install" hyperlink that is INSIDE THE QUOTED MATERIAL)

To get the Filterset G Updater Extension

To find out how to use Filterset G

Once you've installed all that jazz, restart FireFox to finish the install. Then we'll allow the ads on to load, but still be hidden. To do that,

Tools>Adblock Plus>Preferences>AdBlock Options(on the top right)>Support Websites

Add in the "Add website here" window. Your cursor should, by default, be there. Be sure to click the "Add" button, and make sure the "Enable Ad Hiding" button is checked, then click the OK button.

I'm fairly sure the steps are complete and easy to follow, but, If I have in some way made an inadvertant mistake, please correct me, or feel free to edit my post if you have the power.

For a little help correctly formulating your own filters, check this thread on the Adblock Forums:

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
i've been going extension crazy today :)

i tried doing the steps you listed and i couldn't find the "support website" option

^ the screenshot doesn't show what my drop down menu has listed, but it had listed:

Browser Window (gray, not clickable)
Collapse blocked element (with a checkmark)
check parent links (with a checkmark)
site blocking
Preference Window (gray)
Keep list sorted
import filters...
export filters...
remove all filters

i don't know, maybe i misread your post, i haven't gotten any sleep yet...