Adolescent Drunk


no piggy no!!!
* I'm hoping that this one doesn't strike up as much controversy

My head does not follow you as you walk by
It is the stench which is you that reaches me first
I feel like gagging as your weight occupies the bushion next to mine
causing me to lean towards you
pick up lines don't work,
neither do mentions of your large bank accound in Bermuda
I am breathing in your tequila breath words knowing that vomit is soon to escape one of us
When I roll my eyes your temples buldge
your veins stand out as if they may explode
spraying blood at me like the fire which escapes your mouth
I promise I do not think I am better or too good for you
But I don't owe you anything
Not of a word of explanation
only rejection
call me a tease if you will
but i don't recall doing any provacative thing
I imagine you wre jealous of the chair I was sitting on
simply because what you wanted rested upon it
Remind me not to touch anything next time I'm around you
Except the air as I turn and sprint in the other direction.

Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
ugh. i've had that happen before.
it really describes the situation well, though it takes some reading over, i can get a flow from it. sometimes though i think it's better not to have a certain flow, at least not the kind we're used to. i don't like to tell people to work on something like this more, because it's really what you feel and however it comes out, is the way it should be. of course there are exceptions to be made, but i think whatever you choose to do with this will work well.