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Ads these days

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Banned - What an Asshat!
Have you ever seen those ads that say "KNOCK OUT GEORGE BUSH AND WIN AN XBOX 360/NINTENDO DS/SONY PSP/PS3?" Well, you see, I'm sure EVERYONE would love to hit a weird ass looking picture of George Bush's face on a poorly drawn guy with a suit. Even if you miss, it still knocks him out and you "win". And it's not even free - you have to pay for other things on other sites to have even a miniscule chance at getting it.

Then there's these casino things. Yep. Probably everyone surfing the web wants to download 200 casino games and waste all their money getting raped in the ass by some rigged game.

Then theres "shoot the ninja". You don't even SHOOT him. You throw these metal spikes at him.

Discuss what crappy ads you've seen.


Straying from the internet ads,
I fucking hate advertisements that you watch, and you have no fucking idea what they want you to buy.

Yesterday, I sat down in front of the tube to watch a rerun of the Korea vs. Kuwait soccer game, and some the pregame ads were ridiculous.

There's this one commecial of a sad guy wearing a suit and standing over a cliff overlooking the ocean.
It's windy and dark. Then this fucker jumps off the cliff.
While he's falling in slow motion, this mysterious voice in the background says,

"Is this freedom?"

After this the word, "MONODIME" in white print appears in the middle.
Monodime is a cologne/aftershave.

I don't get it. What the fuck does that shit have to do with aftershave?


The real man's bitch
Those shit ads piss me off. I would get some software to deal with it but i surf the net at college so it is not my responsibillity.
Any way some people must click the links or enter the competitions or they would stop making them.


Hella Constipated
I have ActiveX disabled in IE, and only turn it on when I need a LEGIT plugin. Not that that ever happens.

I also have the Ad-Aware/Spybot combo.
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