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Advice for second Stereo unit for Games/TV/DVD


Hella Constipated
I really do hate my Apex TV's speakers - but they are better than all TV's.

Just to give you an idea of my budget - I want a very low end reciever, possibly a cheap-ass RCA from RadioShack. For speakers, I would love something good for under $100. My current reciever and Paradigm Atom speakers are reserved for my computer - and due to their required positioning, I cannot use them for this setup.

The stereo will recieve the input signals through my dual RadioShack input selector box. The pinout is as follows:

1st Box:

1. Sega Genesis/Sega CD/32X/Master System (Monophonic A/V cable)

2. Sega Dreamcast

3. Super Nintendo

4. Nintendo 64

2nd Box:

1. Allow 1st box's signal to be outputted to destination

2. Sony PlayStation

3. Reserved for future NES purchase

4. Unused

My only goal is to acually allow games with CD audio to sound better than 1970's cassettes on a Nakamichi Dragon tape deck.

Any suggestions?



I can't think of anything that I would actually recommend in the sub $100 price range. I guess your best bet would be to hit up RadioShack.


Hella Constipated
junglizm said:
"RadioShack - You've got questions, we can't answers."
That's the point - "Salute U.A.S.! Made in China."

You know those little Realistic brand bookshelf speakers they sold that totally kicked fucking ass? Well, my house is wired so that my father's stereo can output sound to any room besides my bro's and my own.

And when he first heard those in a music store in Cleveland, he asked what speakers they were running, and he responded "Holy shit! No way!"

Well, they are 15+ years old now, they no longer make them, but they still sound fantastic. They were only $70 but kicked the shit out of many more expensive speakers I've heard.


Hella Constipated
I have an update - major bummer here. This little company called jWin puts out really amazing shit that costs about half as much as the competition and smokes it - even Sony.

I owned a weather-resistant Sports CD player from these guys that sounded better than any Sony portable I've ever used, and had a hell of a lot more features. It was really, REALLY rich audio. Quite the toughie too. But a bitchy girl in school drop kicked it with high heels and broke it. It still powered up, but the servo mechanism was shot.

The catch? They no longer sell their DVD/Reciever 5.1 all-in-one kits. Shit. They were like $200 and I heard they were pretty fucking good.