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advice please

This Girl I love is fucking me about so much, we havent dated or anything but fuck I want to. it started off me telling her I liked her and her just not saying anything back, then I asked her how she felt about me and she basically said its not that I dont wanna be with you its that im not ready for a relationship, but recently we have been getting really close and we were at a concert the other day and I wanted to kiss her so bad but didnt cause I wont hurt her again (once I pushed her really far about how she felt about me and she got real upset) at this concert the guy sung a song called I love you (how fucking typical) and I looked at her and our eyes met and I was sure I felt something from her but then the other day I find out that apparently she is going out with someone else. Then yesterday I found out this guy asked ehr out when she was pissed and they arent actually going out but when I asked her if she was going out with him I had a huge go at her and she didnt tell me that the werent, and when I was saying it she just said it wuold be better if we were just friends, bu I dont think she meant it or not I just dno wat to do, any advice people?
Ni99aRuss said:
Well honestly man it doesnt sound like she is looking at you as the boyfriend type. Its a bad idea to keep hounding her and pressuring her into a situation. If i were you i would back off some and wait...if she is interested in you this is when you will find out because if she notices you backing off it will turn the tables and soon enough she will be the one chasing you. Now if she really isnt interested in you then she will not care if you back off, but if she is she will come. So, just go a few days without calling her, or even try meeting other people. If she hears you are seeing other people that will really grab her attention. This advice is pretty much make it or break it, but it is better than trying force an issue.
I tried that, we were at a concert and I just left her with some of our other friends, but she came and found me...


I think that she's hurting you way more than you're hurting her. I know that this is hard, but maybe you should put her out of your mind. Have a pick me upper time. Do something you love with a friend. It's hard, but if you're meant to be together, you will be, and if you're not....there'll be someone better out there for you somewhere.


Sick Bastard
Sorry, mate, you'll just have to try to find someone else, but that is kinda bitchy of her...she didn't even tell you she was dating the other dicknose before you found out? btw, how old are you and that girl?
15, and dont say im too young to fall in love cause ive had enough of it from other pple, i know how I feel and i kno i love her and they arent actually going out she was pissed when he asked her and i dont blame her for that at all, she didnt really have a chance to tell me before i found out wat happened
i had a similar situation, a girl i was interested in for 3 years (through college) but every time i thought we were getting closer she would shy away, and then when i backed off she would get closer

repeat ad nauseam

i ended up deciding it just wouldn't work and found myself an awesome girlfriend, and i'm much happier now than i could have been with her. so just go with the flow, but keep your eyes open too
Im thinking about just asking her straight out, just say to her do you think there will ever be anything between us or whether we will get together or not and then depending on her answer, try and get over her, go out with her, or carry on waiting


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seriously find another hole. your a bit obsessed and that is not sexy. still be her friend but get a gf and go have safe sex. then you dont have to worry about how she really feels, youre keeping busy, and you still get to be near her.
win win for a guy.


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Yeah I had an similiar situation, but I wasn't interested in her, she was interested in me, but I really wasn't and she was on me all the time saying of she liked me... It was quite annoying but if he havn't given you the straight -I dont like you we can be friends- then you should ask her, but I think that you said she had said it?? Well then I think you should more think about if you can handle to be her friend then starting a relation ship with her. Good luck.


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Fred said:
Im thinking about just asking her straight out, just say to her do you think there will ever be anything between us or whether we will get together or not and then depending on her answer, try and get over her, go out with her, or carry on waiting
I wouldn't do that friend, because no matter what you say, you are going to get your hopes up for the answer that you want and you're not going to get that answer. maybe she will say something small that will keep your hopes up, but you don't want to chase her around. Trust me, been there. Just back off, and cast your line a little more, there are PLENTY of bigger, better fish out there.
oh just fuck her found out she really is going out with this guy and shes fucking been lieing to me and my friend about it, she gave the guy head ffs, just fuck her
fuck and now today someone goes up to her and asks her if shes going out with him and she says i dont know wtf is wrong with her