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Ah the wonders of working with others...


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This post could also be called "People you'd never talk to in real life, but you have to, it's work!"

This isn't a life sucks post, it's more of a statement.

I work at a shitty little job, and I'm ok with that part. The other people I work with are another matter.

This one lady is white trash mama, born and bred. Every single member of her family has substance abuse problems, by her own admission. She works the desk with me at the hotel sometimes, and she always tries to rent rooms to the scum of the earth, it's a good thing I'm there to stop her. She is a scum herself, so she can't see it in others. She's the queen of excuses.

Example: Her lovely son. Always lived at home, he's in his late 20's. He's been arrested twice on Drug Possession charges, and it's not pot. He's also been busted for driving without a license and no insurance, such a lovely thoughtful boy. He worked here as a janitor for a while, but he was such an asshole with an attitude he couldn't even pull that off without pissing off anyone who mattered. She constantly mumbles about how it wasn't his fault.

So he gets arrested for drunk driving, no license, no insurance, someone elses fucking car even, yesterday. WOW. He's the fucking poster boy for people I hate. People like him kill more people every year driving than all the serial killers working America right now. So his mom's making excuses for him left and right to someone on the phone when I get into work. I have no choice but to listen to her cater to every single possible reason her poor poor baby would "make such a slip, he was doing so good!" On and on it goes, and I just try to keep from letting any of how I feel express itself.

He will probably go to jail, and it could be for at least 5 years. Man I hope it's fucking 10 or more years, I never want to see that piece of shit again. I'm glad he's gone, and I'm glad he didn't have to kill someone with his recklessness and disregaurd for anything but himself before they lock him away. So in his case at least, the legal system will work. It's nice to know it can sometimes.

So moral of the story, Parents who spoil their children and let them get away with everything find that REAL FUCKING LIFE doesn't have to put up with their inbred evil spawn. Thanks for listening. Hey, this is actually a positive story!


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Who can blame a mother for defending her son?

He should be in prison and she should come out of her own little world and smell the garbage.