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Alas poor car I knew you well


What was your first car?

The first car I ever owned was a red 1974 AMC Matador. I bought it at car auction for $125 in 1995. It started right up.

I miss that fucking car. Nobody messed with me in that car, not even the cab drivers in NYC. They'd see me and get the fuck out of the way.

The best part was all the front seats dropped all the way back. You know how in most cars they only go so far, not this one, just lie back and assume the position.

How did I lose it?

Well my boyfriend passed away and I needed to get the fuck out of New York for a while. I went to Cali for 7 weeks. My mother made me junk my car in return.

I kept the keys and the radio knobs and stuff for memories.

Just feeling sentimental is all.


Gamer From Hell
my first car is the one i have now. its a 1995 subaru legacy, and its been good to me for bout 3 years now. i just got some new JBL speakers in the back, and my cd player has never sounded better.



Cool deal.

I had mine for less than a year 'cause of all that shit that went down. I miss that car a lot. 8 cylinders, roared like a lion, all steel, one badassssss ride.


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BklynCannonball said:
What was your first car?

The first car I ever owned was a red 1974 AMC Matador. I bought it at car auction for $125 in 1995. It started right up.

2000 Mercury Cougar. Still have it, with no engine. lol

I wish I could find something like that for that price! I would buy it in a heart beat. I am looking for an old car, that represents me.
Ahh. My first car was a '93 Corsica. :happysad:

It lasted maybe 7 or 8 months after I bought it. That's when all the problems started. The "Service Engine" light came on one day, and the damn thing never looked back. You would not believe the time, energy, and money that was put into that car (replaced the radiator, and a ton of different parts), all to no avail. Poor car.

One thing I will say though, is despite all it's problems it never broke down anywhere or left me stranded.

It's still in my back yard, sinking into the mud. Every once in awhile I have to look at it and laugh. Good times. :thumbsup:


Yay fire!
My first car was also a '93 Corsica. Son of a bitch completely died on me in the middle of I-75. I was lucky I didnt have a bad wreck. Now I have a 2005 Ford Focus (which really sucks because I HATE 4 cylinder cars) but it gets me where I'm going reliably.


drunk with a jeep problem
My first "running" car was a 86 ford escort. I paid 500 for it and tosed about 3000 dollers under the hood. The pic I included is a 85, and the only difference was the grill, and mine was midnight blue. I kinda miss that car.:rolleyes: I killed it on a jeep trail.

And Z, I got 5 dollers that saiz the check engin light is the gas cap.


My first car was a 95 Mustang GT. I got it the summer after my 9th grade year, but mine wasn't a convertible. I loved that car more than my girlfriends at the time, and ended up driving it until it had 125,000 miles on it.

BklynCannonball said:
Nowadays a 4-cylinder is the best way to go. I mean with gas prices and all.
I still can't see myself in some compact car. :happysad:
mine was a 1980 chevette! HAHAHAHAHHA thing was a little tank, we had a blast in it. i drove it like a 4by4. we would go out to all the pit parties, my car was the only one that could make it. then after i had my first kid, i had to get rid of it, because the fumes would seep in the back. so i did, got an escort, but a week later i spoted my chevette on the road. a bunch of teens bought it, man they had a blast in it as well. they hung dingle balls around the roof and put in a big stereo. i was so jealous. but what a fun first car.


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I have you all whooped.

My first car was a 1980 Chevy Celebrity.

it was a good car, I paid 200 dollars for it.

After driving it for about six years, it finally died a slow and painful death.

It died because the motor SUNK 1/4 inch into the front panels. then it wouldnt go anywhere.


Banned - What an Asshat!

citroen dyane, a real beast.. a spinoff of the popular 2CV.. 602cc, 2 cylinder, air cooled..
i lived in a hilly hippy place and this was a fun car to drive stoned up hills very slowly, and slowly down hill..
yes, that's a canvas roof.. i put a bumper sticker on that said 'recycle or die' and eventually sold it to john lennon from one of the english beatles tribute bands.. he moved to spain and left it to rot in a college carpark.. more reason to hate the beatles..

the shifter is on the dash, left and up for 1st, centre up for 2nd, centre down for 3rd, right down for 4th.. not the H pattern of normal gearboxes.. no glovebox just an open shelf, flat windshield, the hood/bonnet was hinged at the back by the windshield and was prone to rust at the hinges and then fly off if you went over 50mph.. the ride was like being in a boat on a choppy lake..



Mine was a 1986 Ford Ranger. It had a 2.9 litre V-6, regular bed, was an automatic, and would fucking roast the little 14's off the bastard. I guess I drove it to death. For about 3 months before the poor thing croaked, it would smoke horrendously after I turned it off. Then the pinging started... It sounded like I had 151105102435 ball bearings jumping around in the engine, and it wouldn't go over 50mph and only about 20mph uphill. ha ha I think it had about 150000miles on it. We sold it to my cousin who tore it apart, rebuilt it in a shop class, and then never put it back together.

Oh yeah, mine was RED and didn't have the gay ladder rack on it, i was just lazy and didn't want to find a good picture.


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ford ranger was my first vehicle here in usa.. it was fun as i'd never had a pickup before, i wasn't allowed to work when i first got here so i would just throw my mtn bike in the back every day and go off biking.. i had an aphex twin bumper sticker and sold it for more than i paid.. it was a '93 with about 20,000 old grandad miles on it..


Funnier than a 5th grader
I had a shit load of cars before I was old enough to drive.

'64 Impala 2dr HT 327 V8
'64 Ford Falcon 2dr HT 260 V8
2 '70 Plymouth Dusters both 318 V8's
'71 Plymouth Duster /6
'49 Buick Roadmaster 2dr HT staight 8
'66 Dodge Coronet 500 2dr HT 318 V8

There were more I can't think of at the moment. I never did drive any of the above because I owned the cars above between the ages of 13-16 and some didn't run. I sold them before I got my licence. I was a silly teenager. :happysad:

When I was 17 I bought a '64 Dodge Polara 500 2dr HT, 383 V8. That was technically my "first" car, because it was the first car I actually was able to drive after getting my licence.

I loved that car. I drove that car for many years then finally parked it when my ex got pregnant. We needed a more practical car at the time.

I still kept that car for several years, driving it every once in awhile. But, as family life goes, I needed money and sold it.

To this day, I have never owned anything better then that car IMO. I know where that car is today too. My goal is to get it back, but he won't sell. That car holds many memories for me. Something I would love to get back and restore.

Now I'm sad. :(