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Headlines Alaska soon to be not in the north..?


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Dec 8, 7:36 PM EST
Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly
AP Science Writer
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Earth's north magnetic pole is drifting away from North America and toward Siberia at such a clip that Alaska might lose its spectacular Northern Lights in the next 50 years, scientists said Thursday.
Despite accelerated movement over the past century, the possibility that Earth's modestly fading magnetic field will collapse is remote. But the shift could mean Alaska may no longer see the sky lights known as auroras, which might then be more visible in more southerly areas of Siberia and Europe.
The magnetic poles are part of the magnetic field generated by liquid iron in Earth's core and are different from the geographic poles, the surface points marking the axis of the planet's rotation.
Scientists have long known that magnetic poles migrate and in rare cases, swap places. Exactly why this happens is a mystery.


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I gess GPS is going to be very usefull soon. I remember doing a project on the magnetic poles drifting, but I can't remember anything else about it. I wonder what the biggest impact will be?

What about the mapped north pole? Will it get moved? There was a sub, I don't think it was the Natulis, but it was a nuke, the clamed the fastest run around the world. 30 min, running about a mile away from the pole:)


Repth said:
does this mean compasses are going to be useless?
Alaska does not equal the North Pole. Furthermore, there are no specific geographical locations that compasses point to; poles are just general areas which aren't effected by land masses.


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junglizm said:
Alaska does not equal the North Pole. Furthermore, there are no specific geographical locations that compasses point to; poles are just general areas which aren't effected by land masses.
But since the pole itself is moving, it does affect a compas. Land navigation based on a compass and map could become largely useless depending on how far the shift is. A degree or two off on a compas could mean missing the mark by quite a bit.

Granted GPS navigation offers far more accurate and far easier navigation anyway but GPS isn't always available due to tree cover or particularly bad weather.


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I hope the shift doesn't occur in the next couple of years, or Cheney might convinve Bush that the Russians are trying to steal the Aurora Borialus and start another war.


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There is nothing to it.
The magnetic system of the earth is always changing, nothing new.

Yes.. That's why GPS is a good thing to have.
If you want to save time and money.

A magnetic compass was never that accurate enough to use with modern high standards anyway. Traffic uses gyro-compasses already a very long time.
Somewhere in the 1950's they became standard equipment I guess.

It was always a nice job to get the gyro in the right direction.. :D
(Insider joke)


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There's evidence that the poles have flipped in the past. North became south and south became north. We can see this in ancient lava formations. Magma carries magnetic particles. When it solidifies, the particles are eternally locked in the orientation they were in when it was viscous. By looking at cross-sections, we can see it's happened before. I have no idea what geographic or meteorological impacts this will have, but we'll se one day.


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Magnetic Anomalies

:eek: According to what I have studied. If the poles shift more than 5 degrees, it can create a shift in the entire ecosystem on the planet causing the planet to rotate further from the point of spin, like a top pushed off balance. It will regain stability over time, but the energy of movement and the shift of the magnetic relationship to the ecosphere will cause severe climactic changes. A movement of 15 degrees will cause an ice age or worse.

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