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Movies Alien vs. Predator

Who Owns Who in a fight to the death?

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You're my number two
Forget about the movie. Who do you think Owns ass on the other? And why?


gehtfuct said:
You pwn ass dude.

I dunno...I'd say,Predator.
'cause he's one ugly mahda-fucker.
*edit* takeing this some ware else
It's all about the Preds man, they are the ultimate badass. They have actually encountered eachother before, Dark Horse comics is where both of them come from. The Predators fucking plant aliens on planets like seeds, and then come back to hunt them later once they've taken on strong enough characteristics.

The Predators give themselves disadvantages when fighting the aliens. A hunting party will go down without the high tech weaponry, and use fuggin' spears instead. Aliens are sport hunting to them.
The movie should be entertaining. The script has been online a long while, I skimmed it a little bit a couple of years ago.

But the comics are the source material, and from what I've seen in the preview the movie probably sticks to it. The way the aliens actually get around the universe is because the predators plan them out and spread them. Sometimes aliens rebel and the predators have to come in and lay some smack down.


Destroyer of worlds
well, with that testimony I think it's obvious who I gotta vote for. Plus having had the nickname Predator (Alien murderers with dreadlocks, hells yeah) for a brief period probably adds to the bias.
What's truly badass though is when an Alien chestburster comes out of a Predator. Then you get a fsckin' badass monster.

Also, Sigourney Weaver and Ahhhnahld can go suck it. Fsckin' humans.
deus_ex_machina said:
i guess i chose wrong?
*shrug* Everyone is entitled to their opinions. It's not like Preds never get killed by Aliens, oh no... heh, sometimes things get out of hand. Generally speaking I find I'm right though. heheheh


Future Conquistador
Predators have the advantage. Their technology, intelligence, dexterity, and bad ass looks simply are too much for the aliens to handle. Predators also have like 6 different visions for hunting different types of prey.


It's typical that peoples on an island have a tendency to invent horror.
Great Brittain and the USA both have a safer border than other countries, and so by lack of a military threat, they have to invent some.

It's like allergy. More people suffer from it, in a world where there is little chance on infection of the body.
The imune system goes banana's when some harmless pollen from a tree enter the nose, and you get a trauma in your air intake system while there is nothing going on over there.

I think horror is weird. In the Netherlands real horror with blood and guts spreading around is watched with a lot of laughter.
The best scifI parody ever was a movie about invading Martians with huge heads, exploding while a crooner song from the American mid west was on the radio!

I voted for the Alians, but in the end Swarzenegger will win decisively when he starts to imitate his old Austrian Grandma when she was Jodling..
Yodelahitiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! SPLASH!!!!!

Hmm.. They smell awfull those alian sons of bitches!!!
I'll tell ya this! It's gonna be a fierce fuckin' battle! I'm a fan of both the Alien and Predator films and I'm happy to see the two brought together finally. True, the Predators seem to have the advantage over the Aliens, but think back to the movie Aliens. If you ask me those marines were pretty well off with their weaponary and training. No one can say they weren't badasses, but they got they're asses kicked mainly because they weren't sure what they were up against and underestimated the situation. Also in Aliens, after the marines went to infrared, Deitrich, the first marine to get attacked, suggested that "Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all!" Don't the Predators have infrared vision? It's been a while since I've seen either of the Predator films, but if I'm right on that (and please correct me if I'm not...) it's going to be an interesting battle to see. The Predators not being able to see the aliens well, yet still having the over-all advantage with their skill and weaponary . . . it's gonna be awesome! But why don't we just face it, . . . it's probably gonna end similar to the way they ended Freddy Vs. Jason! It's kinda hard to kill off one franchise with another when there are so many fans of each!


Predator owns Alien. Not really Alien, should be plural. There was loads of them and they still got fucked up. Predator, all on his lonesome, had more of an agenda.

Preds gets my vote, even just for that clicky noise.