All about me and my dysfunctional cabbage patch


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This is a long story, so fuck me and read something else if you have no attention span ^_^

My biological mother gave birth to my brother and I (1 year and 8 months apart) when she was too fucking young. How young? 18 and 20 years old. I know what you're thinking, but my opinion is that you'd better be fucking 35 before you have kids, because otherwise you're still a sniveling, half-baked little bitch. So my parents got divorced when I was like.. 3. I lived with my dad and brother until I was 10 years old, when my current friend-for-life Chris Holland's single mother met my single dad, and the childhood wish of best friends ("I wish we were brothers") came true, shattering our friendship for a nice, long time. His sister, a whiny, lying, thieving, cheating bitch by the name of Theresa, eventually grew up to lie, cheat, steal, and give an entire neighborhood HERPES (not BS). After a no-fault divorce due to my stepmother committing adultery, they remarried, and now live by themselves. Kathi (my stepmother) has smoked marijuanna since she was 16 years old, and is now physically incapable of stopping, seeing how she tried once and almost had a stroke. Doctor's orders: Smoke pot or die. Well she's going to die soon anyway. Due to her fucked up bullshit lifestyle, her lazy, good for nothing bag of bones is riddled with cancers and failures of the organs.

After lying to me, cheating me out of having a mother, getting me hooked on pot for a couple of years (i'm off it now, AND cigs), stealing everything she could from me, not disciplining the daughter that later fucked every member of this one family except their mom, and sucking my dad into what, by his religion is defined as a "permanent relationship", Katherine Anne Houser gets a 0/10 for Humanity, and she can GO FUCK HERSELF. Err.. that is my rant, and thanks to you if you actually read the whole goddamn thing.


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How on earth does one respond to that... I suppose all I can say is that life is tough, but its tougher when your stupid


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I read the story,so what about the cabbage patch?Did the sister fuck that too? :thumbsdn: