Brain Spout

Wizard No More
Ever put you head in a vice and then close it and close it till its literally putting pressure on your head. i havent, but im willing to bet it hurts a lot. luckily if you do this you can just undo the vice and walk away and immediately you will feel better. i can not.

or how bout this: ever get into a swimming pull and suck water up your nose? that's always fun, but it doesnt happen often and can be avoided if you're careful

it is my belief that in all of the east coast of the US i have the worst seasonal allergies. i can barely breathe right now. i have to breathe with my mouth open and even then all this flem and mucous makes it feel like my throat is the size of a cherio. my entire head feels as if it is under pressure, it probably is. every now and then i can blow my nose and have my ears pop. if this isnt bad enough blowing my nose can have devastating consequences. if i dont blow my nose, i cant breathe out of it, my head feels like it is under a lot of pressure, and i feel like i have trouble breathing with my mouth. if i do blow my nose i get very temporary relief of the problem and a short, but sharp sinus headache. you probably are all familiar with these and if not let me tell you what they are like: they are basically a headache concentrated to right above your nose. if you have ever gotten water up your nose in a swimming pool you will know what this feels like, it also has the same feeling as if i was to take a bottle of ammonia and take the biggest whiff i could (which is funny since im so stuffed up right now it would have little effect).

right now i am on two prescription medications for this. im not sure if im supposed to use both at once, but everyone else is basically a doctor these days and two arent doing me any good anyway.

this fucking blows! :gun: :mad: