America: Oil, Terror, Lies, Greed and Control


Oil, Greed, Lies and Control

It's my belief that a lot of people don't truly understand the reasons behind this war. I believe this is mainly due to media hype and suppression of facts not relevant to the "war on terror”, which I’ll address later in this post. It saddens me deeply that 52% of Americans are happy being ignorant to such facts. I’m truly at a loss for words when it comes to their feckless attitudes towards such an important issue.

In 03 upon incept of this war Russia and France voiced their opposition to our possible invasion, as it would harm their oil contracts. We ignored our allies and geared up for war, warning Russia and France that if they did not support or at least remain neutral in a U.S. intervention in Iraq, their oil contracts with the Saddam’s regime may be cancelled and redistributed in part to U.S. companies. Russia anf France both had huge oil contracts with Saddam, for billion and billions of barrels of oil; however, these deals wouldn’t become active until the U.N. sanctions on Iraq were lifted.

The Bush administration has several goals in Iraq, the most vocalized being to rid the middle east of Saddam, whose expansionist history has threatened U.S. interests. The other major goal is ending the economic sanctions that prevent Iraq from producing oil at full capacity; by replacing Saddam with a U.S. friendly government, the sanctions would stop Iraq from selling a majority of it’s oil to global markets, this would allow for cheaper and more plentiful resources in oil dependent countries such as the United States. Much of the U.S. oil industry would benefit after an invasion of Iraq. Several U.S. oil companies; Exxon, Chevron, Texaco, Halliburton etc, have been in discussion with the Bush administration over rehabilitating Iraq's damaged oil infrastructure which is in a state of disrepair largely due to the sanctions. You can’t tell me that isn’t being an “oil field raider”, this war is clearly about oil, money and power. We didn’t give a fuck about the oppression of Iraqi’s or Saddam’s alleged terrorist connection/ties before. The 9/11 attack opened the door for us to invade Iraq in the name of the war on terror. I’d be willing to be sooner or later we’ll have military bases in and around Iraq; we’re trying to find some real estate so we can have more influence in Middle Eastern affairs.

Iran, Libya, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia have all posed problems for U.S. interests in the past. The first gulf war gave the United States its first major foothold in the Middle East: most notably its bases in Saudi Arabia that remain to this day. However, after 9/11, the United States was given a window of opportunity to further its influence in the Middle East.
The question now is how long global powers will stand in direct opposition of U.S.’s plans in Iraq. The Bush administration has not backed down, warning that a new Iraqi government may cancel all existing oil deals between Baghdad and nations hostile to U.S. interests. The administration said that if it received support from nations such as Russia and France in the Security Council, Washington and the new Iraqi government would honor their current deals signed with Saddam. Way to go Bush, we’re bullying our allies, holding their oil for ransom for enrichment of our “evil empire.” Yet, Bush’s motives are seen as noble? :rolleyes:

The hope is that, like Afghanistan, the new Iraqi government would have no problems with the U.S. using the country for a military staging ground. The new regime would also be more sympathetic to Washington's concerns about global oil production, should the United States want to interfere with quotas set by the OPEC.

Removing Saddam would also gain leverage on Iran, part of the "axis of evil," between U.S. military bases in Afghanistan to the east and Iraq to the west. If the United States were to have its military poised and ready on both sides of the Iranian border, Tehran would have to become very careful about taking actions that could threaten U.S. interests. In addition to threatening Iran, the U.S. would send a strong signal to other countries in the area opposed to U.S. influence in the Middle East.

Terror, Greed, Lies and Control

The patriot act is egregiously unconstitutional; it all but eliminates the 4th amendment, because it claims that police officers can search your home with out a warrant; it eliminates the 6th amendment, because it states that the government can label you a terrorist, throw you in jail with out indictment and deny you a lawyer. Why are we allowing politicians to create such unconstitutional law and acts? Furthermore, why do we continue to vote for those who create them?

The war on Iraq is an unfortunate situation; 50% of Americans realize that going to Iraq was a mistake; Iraq never attacked us, there is no evidence that they had any direct connection to the 9/11 tragedy. It was a mistake to go there; it compounds the mistake to stay there and to send 150 thousand troops there was a mistake; we can not win. The only rational solution is to bring our soldier home as safely and quickly as possible.

People are concerned about the war on terror; the war on terror didn’t’ start after 9/11, although the term was coined during that time. The war on terror started some fifty years ago, when we began to meddle in the Middle East. We’ve been dividing that country up; creating artificial political lines and trying to influence governments there. The constitution authorizes us to do national defense; we have every right to protect American soil and American lives. The constitution does not authorize us to do international offense; we aren’t supposed to be the policemen of the world, even if that’s what some people think will make them sleep better at night, that’s not what the U.S. military is for. We have American military in over 135 countries around the world; we’re using our military to influence other governments; influence other economies and politically we’re bullying other countries with our actions.

It’s no surprise that people are angry about our foreign policy. We should heed George Washington’s words he offered us in his farewell address. That advice is to maintain economic ties to all countries, and entangle in alliances with none. Our foreign policy is actually making terrorism worse. People in Iraq hate us; 92% of Iraqis consider us occupiers, rather than liberators. Are we going to make them change their mind and make them love us when we bomb their buildings and kill innocent civilians? Do Americans really think that our relationship with Iraq will improve because of this?

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Don't forget...Patriot Act II & its resolutions (supported by GWB). Between that & offering GWB the opportunity to replace at least one Supreme Court Justice within his "Legacy Term", I don't know why I am so scared! :rolleyes:

Worth a stroll through ACLU's site:

Patriot Act 2: An Overview

The government would no longer be required to disclose the identity of anyone, even an American citizen, detained in connection with a terror investigation – until criminal charges are filed, no matter how long that takes (sec 201).

Current court limits on local police spying on religious and political activity would be repealed (sec. 312).

The government would be allowed to obtain credit records and library records without a warrant (secs. 126, 128, 129).

Wiretaps without any court order for up to 15 days after terror attack would be permissible. (sec. 103).

Release of information about health/safety hazards posed by chemical and other plants would be restricted (sec. 202).

The reach of an already overbroad definition of terrorism would be expanded – individuals engaged in civil disobedience could risk losing their citizenship (sec. 501); their organization could be subject to wiretapping (secs. 120, 121) and asset seizure (secs. 428, 428).

Americans could be extradited, searched and wiretapped at the behest of foreign nations, whether or not treaties allow it (sec. 321, 322).

Lawful immigrants would be stripped of the right to a fair deportation hearing and federal courts would not be allowed to review immigration rulings (secs. 503, 504).

Which to me means basically, I an American citizen can be tossed out of the country, be made penniless or even jailed for life without recourse muchless a fair trial and escape is futile. Makes me feel SO secure, ahuh. Yep. :banghead:

To me these types of things are a real serious issue, not political. I wonder how well of a response this thread will get?


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On that note if it starts to become a political bash/debt. I will move to issue.

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