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american citizenship


Banned - What an Asshat!
i just got back from memphis where i've been having lots of fun with the INS/CIS getting my green card extended to 10 years from the initial 2 years and having my travel/residency restrictions lifted.. i've been here for 4 years now, this should've been done after the second year, but because i came here just after 9.11 i entered a very 'cautious' stage of american immigration policy.. so cautious that they lost all my documents 18 mths ago and told me it was Katrina(!!) that destroyed them..

anyway.. i'm still here and now i'm legal for the rest of my life, but i still have to report to immigration every ten years (?) and can't vote etc..
i feel like a semi-american..
so after all the bullshit and all the stress we have decided to make me an american citizen.. i can remain british, i will get dual citizenship.. then i can vote for ralph, and join the marines.. or not..

the last hurdle between me and americanism is the $400 processing fee.. which is nothing after the $6000 so far..
and the 'test'.. they ask you 100 questions to see if you understand your new country..
on the samples i saw today, question one was 'what colors are on the american flag?'
apparently the wrong answer is black with a red circled A..

see how you do..

the test.


If they ask any american history questions, just answer with "i dunno"

They'll assume you're a natural citizen raised in the american school system and make you one of us on the spot!