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Americans rarely know how to drive


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Heading home on the freeway there are 3 lanes almost completely open, but some @____*! with a license is doing 69mph in the left lane and everyone always have to underpass them, because the pima facia speed is 78mph! It is too easy to get a license in this country. If it were more like England or Germany or even fucking Ireland, then life would be much simpler and one would not be allowed to undertake and driving in the rh lane would be required of Ms Latina driving a fucking oversized Escalade at the posted by beaurocretins speed. Its 345pm and the problem increases, because now the RHS lane is almost completely open and the LHS line has a line of fucking idiots tailgating. If it were germany they would be dead by now and I would get home in a reasonable time instead of sitting like a frustrated toad waiting for someone to learn how to drive.
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OK weed. Here's the deal and I've posted this before; get yourself some of those little disposable toothbrushes. The ones with a little dot of breath freshener and a toothpick on the other end, you know the ones right? Now instead of being all fucking bent at some guy who's just fucking trying to get somewhere and isn't responsible for you leaving a little earlier to get to your liposuction exam; try giving your gums a massage with your toothbrush. Hell there aint nothing like a few minutes with a toothpick and a midday toothbrushing to relax and refocus. Give it a try spaz, and share the fucking earth


There's a very good chance that I don't care.
I checked the data and sure enough The United States has more per capita traffic related deaths than Ireland, England and Germany. That might strike as a concern until you inject the fact that all those countries putz around in little 4-banger diesel booger boxes. Their numbers might even be lower if they'd learn how to drive on the right side of the road.