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Americas Finest

LOL, I was browsing craigslist this morning and found this, which was a response to some bleeding heart liberals complaining about Suv's. ha ha. Sorry, i just had to show you.....

I drive a H2, my wife drives a X-5
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Date: 2005-10-29, 9:14AM PDT

"Get over it you jealous lowlife losers. If you gotta a problem, see a doctor
Meanwhile fuck off and get a job
I'm thinking of one of those new Porsche SUV might be cool when they get that V-12 imported next spring.
Meanwhile, I earn it, I will spend it, and you can just sit and cry, and frankly I could care less what BUSH or Kerry or YOU think"

frankly, I wish America would burn up all the remaining petroleum this planet has to offer so ignorant ass-tards like this would have $80k dollar Paper weights!