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America's innocence is just a ruse


Fresh Meat
Being an American, I understand that we like to view ourselves as the moral defender of the world. Don't get me wrong, we did act out of moral instinct in the past. We fought both World Wars and we avoided Latin American colonialization (to a certain extent) based on moral factors. In these situations, we acted for little to no material benefit. But these days, our ideals have become twisted. In Vietnam, we fought a war because we were addicted to Capitalism. We supported a corrupt monarchist government to suppress eglitarian freedom fighters just because they were Reds. It doesn't end there. You know how we try to defend freedom of speech? Well censorship and libel is more common in American media than you think. Im pretty sure all of you have seen a movie or heard from a teacher or another mentor that Soviet Russia was so poor that they had to wait 8 hours in order to buy one suasage. Well guess what? America was going through the great depression during this time, where capitalism screwed them most. We believe we are defenders of justice, but guess who has the most homeless people in any first world country? Additionally, we believe that all minorities should be treated equal. But there is still a LARGE racial precedence in America. Time magazine (on an article about Racial differences) claimed that half of all Caucasian American children have refused to play with someone due to race. Additionally, 17 percent of Americans in an anonmymouse interview have indicated that they have discriminated based on race in the workplace. It doesn't end here. If youre a minority, do you feel free? If your answer is yes, then guess again. The Korematsu Vs. US case in 1944, which claimed that you are liable to be detained based on nationality (a fascade for based on color, because how can you detain Caucasians or mixed raced whites?) is still in use. Recently, an Arab American was unable to fly to Saudi Arabia because of his skin color. The case went all the way to the supreme court, where they ruled it was legal based on a Korematsu precedence( source: The truth is, America has lost the idealism that was ubiquitous in the 1950s. As time goes by and the world becomes more cosmopolitan, it seems that America is breaking the trend by becoming more and more nationalistic. Why is this so? Please discuss.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
It's simple really, Capitalism. We are more and more run by pure capitalism, and less and less by elected officials. It's so much about the dollar you can almost see every single decision weighed by it. You can track who will benifit from what action, and no actions are taken unless someone does. The worst thing is that there is no hope of it changing, Zero.

So just try and live your life the right way, and hope for the best for you and yours.